Night Gathers is a fellowship of friends who have a one way ticket into the dark realms of the internet. What binds us together is our passion for binge watching our favourite shows, seeing the latest movies, re-watching the classics and occasionally picking up the odd book... or more likely a video game.

At Night Gathers we write about what we love. And sometimes what we love doesn't always turn out so great i.e. Suicide Squad. But we'll be sure to write about that as well.

Our aspiration for Night Gathers is not to be the first or the fastest. But to be the place where you come for quality content that drives a deeper and less conventional conversation with a passionate community. And with that, we encourage you to get involved in our articles and stories through the comments and other social channels.

The core ensemble behind Night Gathers includes:


Thanks for reading this far down on the About page. We hope you enjoy all the content Night Gathers has to offer.

Daniel Whiting

Night Gathers Founder