Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Trailer #2

The final trailer for Rogue One has arrived and it doesn't disappoint.


It’s now just two months until we get to see exactly how the Death Star plans that Princess Leia placed into the memory banks of R2-D2 came to be in the hands of the Rebel Alliance.  Rogue One, the first of three stand-alone Star Wars movies, is going to answer so many questions for fans.  I have a really great feeling about this…

We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope
— Jyn Erso

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2

So I don’t risk being too prolix, I’m limiting myself to 10 points:

  1. Mads Mikkelsen
    Finally we get to see the one main cast member who has not been revealed until now. This for me was probably the biggest reveal of the trailer and it was great to see Jyn’s father and if nothing else, to ensure Mads looked sufficiently different to Hannibal Lector and Le Chiffre.
  2. “Save the Rebellion…save the dream”
    Forest Whitaker’s delivery of every single line is immaculate. Saw Gerrera has featured in The Clone Wars, in the canon novel Bloodline and is mentioned in Rebels. Can’t wait to see him in action in this movie.
  3. WTF-is-that-giant-Jedi-in-the-sand-thing. Has someone being playing with kinetic sand?
    Is it an ancient religious Jedi pilgrimage? Nobody knows. Will it even be explained in Rogue One?  Who knows!  Great image though.
  4. “If the Empire has this kind of power, what chance do we have?”
    Let’s not forget about the Death Star itself. Despite that exhaust port, it’s just awesome and from the looks of it we are going to get some glorious shots of the battle station in this film.
  5. Director Krennic
    Other than Jyn’s father, the other big character moment for me from this trailer was Krennic. @WhiteStarPrime raised the question: why is he wearing a white uniform?  Good question, maybe we’ll find out in the film, or maybe it will go unspoken. But for now, he is a really intriguing character and Ben Mendelsohn looks to be superbly cast in the role.
  6. X-Wings!
    Seeing the iconic ships in space again, it’s magic. Memories of A New Hope come flooding back. The Y-Wings also appear to play a big role, so looks like we are going to get heaps of great ships to drool over in this movie.
  7. Krennic approaches the Erso residence
    The image of Krennic in his white cape and four troopers in black walking across a field in the pouring rain towards Jyn’s father is terrifying. Can’t wait to hear the dialogue for that scene.
  8. “They’ve no idea we’re coming”
    Jyn & co disguised in Imperial uniforms on the Death Star (or is it a Star Destroyer?) is, frankly, superb. Despite Han’s protests, I love a bit of sneaking around. Infiltrating the Imperials will no doubt be an edge-of-your-seat scene.
  9. The battle on the beach AT-AT’s attacking what looks like downtown Hawaii.
    Rebel “U-Wings”. Where do I even start here? The “Battle of Scarif” looks like it will be long remembered.
  10. Vader Following on from the first full trailer, we get another couple of glimpses of the biggest badass in the galaxy.
    As exciting as it is seeing Vader, I am more curious about what his “position” in this movie will be. Will his character be true to his comments in A New Hope? “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve created”…he doesn’t sound too impressed. “There will be no one to stop us this time”…will we see what he was referring to with this comment? I hope so, that line has always fascinated me.
The power that we are dealing with here is…immeasurable
— Director Krennic

You said it Krennic.  Roll on December 2016! 


Author: Paul Knauer - follow me on Twitter @ObiWanKnauer

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