Walking Dead - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be | Review

Walking Dead - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be | Review

S07E01 - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be


That was maybe the most jarring and upsetting piece of television I have ever seen. In a world where it's hard to be shocked and surprised, I honestly felt sick to my stomach. I also loved the hell out of it! 

Full spoilers ahead

In preparation for watching the first episode of season seven, I re-watched the final episode of season six and It served as a great reminder regarding everyones status:

  • Carol has been shot several times but was saved by Morgan. They're now with a couple of people with horses and spears who we can all but assume are from the Kingdom
  • Maggie is in serious need of medical help, which is why Rick and co. left the safety of Alexandria in the RV
  • Daryl, Rosita and Glenn have already been caught by one of Negan's men, Dwight
  • Rick continues to taunt Negan and his men throughout the entire episode
  • Negan eventually outsmarts Rick and informs everyone they all now work for him...once a life has been given in payment

So after what felt like a lifetime, The Walking Dead finally returned to our screens tonight to reveal the outcome of the 'eeny-meeni-miny-moe' situation. In a cunning twist we ended up with two victims dead instead of just one but ultimately what this episode was all about was teaching Rick to respect Negan and 'the way things are going to work' from now on.

I thought the episode was brilliant in the way that it didn't reveal the fates of the victims straight away but really took you on an emotional journey (again). Just imagine if this was the final episode of season six! Incredible. Let's get into what this is all going to mean...


Victim number one

Picking the first victim must have been tough (comic spoiler) - Glenn dies in the comics, but they had already faked out his death last season at the dumpster. It also couldn't be someone secondary or new to the story i.e. Aaron. And it had to make an impact - after all, we've waited for so long.

Negan's choice of Abraham kinda made sense. He's a big guy and probably a force you wouldn't want your enemies to retain. Negan also made the comment at the end of season six "taking it like a champ" as he swings Lucille which is probably in reference to Abraham's strength. Not to mention there was also those moments at the end of season six where Abraham revealed his love for Sasha and even mentions the idea of having children... just like Maggie and Glenn. 

The actual death scene was more traumatic than the character loss for me. I actually quite like Abraham though he's not part of the Atlanta five (make that four). So for a moment, all I remember thinking was thank god it wasn't Glenn, Daryl or Michonne!

Rest in peace Red. 


Victim number two

God damn it! There's a second victim. Good one Daryl. 

This was horrible. Death number two was Glenn. I thought it was going to be ok, I thought we were going to make it.

That moment when Glenn's eye is half hanging out and he says "Maggie, I'll find you..." - I think I must of had some dust in my eye or something. Dem feels.

Glenn - You've been one of my favourites for years, RIP.


Along with two pretty major deaths we were also tormented for the entire episode that Rick was going to get his hand chopped off. And then in a complete of turn of events Rick now has to chop off Carl's hand. It's too much. Can they even do this on television? 

By the end of this episode I honestly felt like a mental wreck.

Thankfully no arms were lost.


Though the cliffhanger wait for this episode was intense and largely frustrating. I think The Walking Dead, season seven is off to a fantastic start. I'm really hoping they can keep up the momentum for the rest of the season.

Next week I imagine we'll get to meet 'The Kingdom' and Ezekiel. Which means we'll get to catch up with Carol and Morgan. Plus there will be the fall out and recovery of today's gruesome events to deal with. 

What did you think of tonights episode? Was it what you expected? 

Regardless, your offering to Negan is due in one week!

When Scott Gimple said the wait would be worth it, he wasn't wrong. Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be the same again for seeing this piece of gruesome yet fantastic television. Welcome back to The Walking Dead!

[+] Ravens 

  • Intensity that I've never experienced before on television 
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of Negan 
  • Daryl taking a swing at Negan - Even though it cost Glenn his life
  • Rick is definitely a liability but a complete bad ass - I respect that
  • Dem feels when Glenn says "Maggie, I'll find you" 

[-] Ravens 

  • Glenn & Abraham - RIP 
  • Maggie's haircut - I just can't. 


Author: @daniel_whiting

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