Walking Dead - The Well | Review

Walking Dead - The Well | Review

S07E02 - The Well


I think tonight's episode of The Walking Dead was cauliflower - It's mostly good for and you'll probably be the better off for eating it. Though you still don't really want to eat it - because it's yuck, bland and tastes like trees.

What I mean by this is, no one really wanted to see tonight's quieter paced episode of The Walking Dead, though it was pretty crucial in driving our main storyline forward. So the sooner we eat the cauliflower, the sooner we get back to the story we all really want to see. Rick v.s. Negan.

The Kingdom

The Well, episode two, did a great job at quickly establishing a new community of people - The Kingdom. We were able to really quickly get a sense of the types of people that lived there and their general level of exposure to life outside the walls.  Unfortunately for most of the inhabitants of The Kingdom, they're probably going to become canon fodder once Uncle Rick gets them involved in a potential Saviours / Negan war.

The Kingdom appears to share similar traits to both Alexandria and Hilltop. A largely safe and secure compound that's self sustainable when needed.

The bad news for the residents of the Kingdom is that when you have something nice, other people often want to take it from you. So you either let them take it, fight them for it or pay for protection e.g. The Saviours.

The Saviours

The Saviours are Negan's men. And in this case, they're the thread that connects all of our story together. The Saviours have Daryl. Negan killed Abraham and Glenn. And now has Rick and his crew on the Negan version of a Chrisco Christmas Hamper scheme... make weekly offerings, or else.

The Kingdom served as the perfect back drop for showing us what it means to make an offering to the Saviours and just how much you need to be able to put up with. Though considering The Kingdom is supplying infected meat I imaging retribution will be sought in the weeks to come.


Ezekiel & Shiva

We were also introduced to the much hyped Ezekiel in this episode. He's an interesting character. On one had he seems lovely. On the other hand, this is The Walking Dead. He probably uses human faces as napkins? You can never quite tell what way it's going to go.

I really enjoyed the pace at which Ezekiel was introduced to us. Before the end of the episode we got to see how he leads his people. How he's trying to get the upper-hand on the Saviours. How he came to have a pet tiger and how he come to power. If this was season two Walking Dead, this would of been about 5 episodes worth of content.

I'm expecting a full Shiva vs Herd of Walkers scene at some point during this season.


Morgan & Carol

One thing that really surprised me about Morgan is how quickly he came to trust Ezekiel and the inhabitants of the Kingdom. Is he really so at peace that he trusts everyone until proven otherwise? I'm not sure if this is naivety, stupidity or admirable.

Either way, Morgan fits perfectly into the world of The Kingdom and will prove a nice connecting thread back to Alexandria and Rick.

Meanwhile Carol made a full recovery from being shot and continued to mostly be a pain in the ass. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm team Carol. I really enjoy seeing Carol bring her passive alter ego to life whenever she doesn't know what environment she's operating in. Old-lady Carol definitely brought some much needed humour to The Walking Dead tonight as she tried to play Ezekiel for the fool.

Though as much as I'm team Carol. I'm really tired of her "I just want to be on my own" storyline. Just let her go. It's painful to keep watching.

I wonder if Ezekiel might just be the catalyst Carol needs to stay. Otherwise, maybe's time to go.


We needed tonight's episode of the Walking Dead. Even if we didn't want it.

[+] Ravens

  • Carol's ability to play the sweet and innocent character whenever she needs to blend in and measure the level of risk in a new environment is always fascinating and slightly comical. 
  • Finding out why Ezekiel has a pet tiger. Plus one raven just for that tiger. Minus one raven for Ezekiel's shirt.
  • We now know how offerings are provided to Negan and his men.
  • Everyones storyline is connected.

[-] Ravens

  • The difference in pacing between episodes one and two made this episode feel less enjoyable than it probably should have been.
  • If Carol doesn't want to be part of the group - just let her go Morgan. It's fatiguing listening to her drone on about how she "can't"do it anymore.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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