Walking Dead - The Cell | Review

Walking Dead - The Cell | Review

If I had (A) the patience, and (B) was a hermit and able to avoid social media - I would love to save up the first half of season seven of The Walking Dead and binge-watch the crap out of it! As much as I'm enjoying the way this season is being told through different points of view, every episode leaves me desperately wanting more. So I imagine a multi-episode watch would be quite the enhanced experience.

Episode three takes us inside Negan's compound where Daryl is currently being held prisoner - and things aren't looking great for our resident bad ass.


I knew 'The Cell' was going to be a great episode when they played the entire intro song to Tony Danza's 'Who's the Boss'. What a throw back! If you look closely at the lyrics to that song, they almost describe the entire episode perfectly while also paying homage to Negan as the actual boss:

There's a time for love and a time for living. 
You take a chance and face the wind. 
An open road and a road that's hidden
A brand new life around the bend. 
There were times when I lost a dream or two. 
Found the trail, and at the end was you. 
There's a path you take and a path untaken
The choice is up to you my friend. 
Nights are long but you might awaken
To a brand new life, 
Brand new life, 
Brand new life around the bend.

Verse One 

In my view, verse one pays reference to the fact Dwight once tried to turn his back on Negan and as a consequence for this betrayal, Negan:

  • Married Dwight's wife (could be a positive or negative...)
  • Burnt half of Dwight's face off with an iron
  • Transformed Dwight into a loyal foot solider

That is some next level psychopathy.

I'm still 100% sure Daryl is going to kill him for (A) killing his friends, (B) wearing his angel-wing jacket... and (C) taking his bike. You never take another man's bike.

What this story ultimately showed us is that Dwight is not that different from Daryl. He's just trying to survive in this new and messed up world. Dwight may not be as strong as Daryl mentally but this backstory definitely made me feel some empathy for the situation that Dwight is in. Again, too bad - Daryl is going to kill you Dwight.


Verses Two & Three

I think that Verses two and three speak to the fact that Daryl is ultimately given a choice. You can work for Negan either dead or alive. There is no middle ground. You'll either work for Negan as a contributor or you'll work for him as Walker food on a fence. But make no mistake about it - it's a brand new life. Forget everything you know.

We all know that Daryl is one of the toughest/coolest characters on The Walking Dead, so in an attempt to break him down, he's been:

  1. Left naked in a cell
  2. Fed dog food sandwiches
  3. Shown images of Glenn's caved in skull 
  4. Made to listen to the same song over and over again 

To make it all end and stop the pain, all Daryl has to say when asked by Negan who he is, is say 'Negan'. But in true Daryl Dixon fashion, Daryl takes crap from no one.

I’m Daryl
— Daryl Dixon

Next week | S07E04 - Service

Next weeks episode 'Service' takes us back to Alexandria where Rick and co. prepare to make their first offering to Negan. The episode is going to be slightly longer than usual, at 90 minutes long - probably due to the amount of characters we need to catch-up with.

The big question I have for you is - at 0:12 is that Daryl? Does Negan bring Daryl with him to Alexandria! Damn, that's savage.

Tensions build in episode three of The Walking Dead as we find out what life is like inside Negan's camp 'The Sanctuary'.

[+] Ravens 

  • Who's the Boss theme song references
  • Learning about Dwight's backstory and facial scars
  • Understanding more about life inside Negan's compound
  • The level of respect that Negan demands i.e. kneel when you see him
  • Daryl being Daryl - "I'm Daryl"

[-] Ravens

  • I'm team Rick. There's been no Rick in the last two episodes! 
  • We learn't a lot more about Negan and his allies. Though I don't know if we progressed very far story wise. Hopefully next week's 90min episode remedies this.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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