Rogue One - Second Opinion

Rogue One - Second Opinion

A few 'brothers' from the Night Gathers Editorial team recently went to check out Rogue One. Our resident Star Wars nerd @ObiwanKnauer took the honour of writing the main review. Though we've got some thoughts as well, in a similar style to our Arrival review we're going to ask some questions and see what the Nights Gathers team think about Rogue One.

Synopsis in a sentence

Logan | Hannibal’s daughter makes friends with some Rebels to steal stuff from the Empires library. 

Dan | The prequel to a New Hope. Yes, the first Star Wars movie, but not the first one in the timeline. Look, it's basically episode 3.5. Just get me a whiteboard.

Damien | A young janitor who is secretly a mathematical genius likes to solve maths equations written on a chalkboard at his work. His best friend is Ben Affleck….and a droid.

What were your expectations & were they fulfilled?

Logan | I expected a bit of humour, some references/cameos from classic characters and epic battle scenes and I was not disappointed. Some of the areas of weaker storyline is recovered in the amazing production

Dan | How the Rebels actually came to acquire the Death Star Plans has always been a thing of legend. A legend so powerful it almost didn't need to be told through a movie. Thankfully though I'm not in charge of funding Hollywood blockbusters because this movie is great.

Damien | Expectations were mixed – I wanted this movie to deliver and it did. In fact it exceeded my expectations because I had heard rumours of it being a train wreck – a train wreck it is not!!!!

What was the best scene?

Logan | Darth Vader showing the rebel scum who’s boss after boarding an alliance ship.

Dan | Darth Vader being the Darth Vader that you hear about but rarely get to see.

Damien | Vader boarding the rebel capital ship in an attempt to recover the Death Star plans. He wrecks eight rebel soldiers single handedly. It’s dark, it’s ominous, its visually beautiful.

Who was your favourite character and why?

Logan | K-2SO – great comic relief which was tempered by his almost brooding presence. Awesome robot design too. 

Dan | K-2SO - I love me a funny droid.

Damien | It’s a toss up between the heroine Jyn Orso, or the droid K-2SO. The actress who played Jyn Orso could have overplayed her role, but she didn’t. She played the role with restraint, steely determination and just enough Daddy – Daughter angst to make it believable. The droid was the funniest character hands down.

Who would enjoy this film?

Logan | Both hard-core Star Wars fanatics and the newly initiated.

Dan | Any Star Wars fan. Just remember this comes before A New Hope (1977). The throw backs and nods to the original are 100% on point.

Damien | Anyone who loves a good bittersweet tragedy, who will enjoy the subtle nods to Saving Private Ryan and any other number of old world war 2 movies, anyone that loves Star Wars.

What toy should be created?

Logan | A paddling pool based on the force field generator above the planet Scarif (perfect for practicing bombs).

Dan | A Siri based chat bot based on K-2SO, everyone needs an honest droid in their life.

Damien | I want to see a wise cracking droid that speaks all the best lines from the movie. It’s time we had a droid with a potty mouth!









Author: @daniel_whiting

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