First of all - Do yourself a favour and go and see Deadpool right now, just stop what you're doing and go and see it. Grab yourself that giant tub of popcorn and ice cold drink and have a damn good time.  And that's exactly what this movie is all about, having fun and making a movie that everybody involved clearly gives a lot of fucks about!

Ryan Renoylds spent 11 years trying to convince the studios to make this movie and I honestly think the timing couldn't be better.  

Deadpool throws all nonsense of politically correct superhereos and 'do-gooders' out the window and makes an epic movie not just the fans of Deadpool but for the older generation of fans.

So what exactly makes Deadpool just so damn good? For starters: 

  • Ryan Renoylds 
  • The R rated humour 
  • The R rated violence 
  • The breaking of the fourth wall
  • The pop culture references
  • The jabs at Hugh Jackman / Wolverine
  • A superhero movie that perfectly balances an origin story with a story that engaging enough to keep you interested through precisely one tub of popcorn. 

Has Deadpool ruined all other superhero movies?

You have to ask yourself, has experiencing an R rated superhero movie ruined the movie going experience for all other superhero movies?

I don't think so... mostly, you see Marvel has done a pretty awesome job at bringing a whole universe together and connecting the components that need to be connected.  And I would imagine if all our superhero stories were served up Deadpool style then the whole notion of Deadpool being exciting just wouldn't exist.  So in my view it's actually great having something that comes in a slightly different shade of spandex.

So for now we'll have to take our Captain America: Civil War medium rare, hope our Suicide Squad gets a dash of Deadpool and brace ourselves for the Deadpool 2 in a couple of years time. And based on the numbers Deadpool seems to be doing at the theaters I would say Hollywood will be more than happy to bank roll a second adventure with our favourite "Merc with a mouth". 

On that note, I'll leave you with this quote: 

You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado.
— Weasel
Standing on the Edge

Standing on the Edge