The Walking Dead - The Same Boat

The Walking Dead - The Same Boat

The Walking Dead: The Same Boat S06E13

This is a summary of the key points from 'The Same Boat' episode of Walking Dead. If you haven't watched it yet please note this post may contain spoilers.

I've basically got two things I want to cover - Carol and who's not coming back for Season 7. Let's begin:


Look - I'll give it to you straight.  Carol is my favourite Walking Dead character that isn't Rick. I've gone to 'bat' for the character more than a dozen times - with friends, colleagues, even family. Though this was the episode that definitely made me challenge that mind set, she actually kind of annoyed me! So much so that I actually found myself cheering-on Maggie and I'm not even a Maggie fan. 

Here's the thing - Carol has evolved as a character from day one, she started as the 'little bird' way back in season one, though once she lost her daughter she had to make some tough life calls: fight or flight.  She chose fight, and I respect the hell out of her for that because she's been a fighter ever since! She's survived alone, she's saved individuals and the even the whole group at one point. She's basically had the group's best interest at heart 80% of the time and she's seen as a core leader amongst Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Glen & Maggie etc.

She even has the 'little bird' persona on tap as a tool in her arsenal when she needs to defend herself and the group.  So as I watched 'The Same Boat' and I was asked by my girlfriend 'she's faking right', I was like 'yeah, totally, she's going to be popping caps before this episode is out'. Without a hesitation of a doubt I was like "this is Carol" - and like Opie in Sons of Anarchy, she's got this.  And you know what, she didn't got this! 

So though Carol did pop some caps, she really tried not to, she hesitated, and because she hesitated she put lives at risk. Now you may be thinking, who is this guy, he's just about Carol killing people. That's not really what I'm trying to say, what I'm trying to point out is that I didn't expect this from Carol, it threw me. It made her weaker, and you can't survive in a Walking Dead universe when you're weak. 

I think I could almost tolerate this behaviour from anyone else in the group! Though with Carol I feel like I've been on a journey, and last night that journey took a really different path. It took a path of feelings, emotions and more feelings. And the thing is Rick and his crew have now 'done some stuff' that can't be undone.  You're in, this isn't the time for second guesses.

Thinning the herd

So with two episodes left in this season I'm pretty sure we can expect a major death.  And with the way things are playing out it really could go in any direction.  Though here's my thoughts on a couple of the options and why it would or wouldn't be them:  

  • Daryl - He's had a lot of screen time in the second half of season 6, he's a fan favourite. But what better way to send a message to fans - no one is safe! Also, in a real life sense, does he have anything left to achieve on Walking Dead? 
  • Carol - Though she's a personal favourite character I know a lot of people wouldn't lose much sleep if she wasn't around anymore.  In a way killing Carol has pretty low impact on the rest of the group (except for maybe Daryl), so there would be the the initial shock and then people would quickly move on.
  • Michonne - As soon as she slept with Rick she signed her own death warrant. Rick isn't allowed happiness in the Walking Dead universe.  Though again, I think she's way too much of a main character to lose her just yet.
  • Sasha / Abraham - Again, these are two main, but secondary characters.  There would be some shock value, though neither of them have a major show purpose right now. They have a potential love interest but that's not enough to save anyone.
  • Morgan - Now with Morgan, the pacifist, what better way to put a full stop on that story.  I don't even think I need to say more about this. 
  • Glenn - We've already been toyed with about Glen dying, I'd be very surprised if they played that card again so close to his previous almost death on top of the rubbish bin. 
  • Maggie - The 'Girl that's meant to be somebody', she's a pretty high candidate I think, she's a group leader, she provides direction, she's already lost her Father and sister.  She's pregnant. The audience shock value would be high! Though I think her death would truly break Glen! He's about to become Rick Grimes 2.0 if that happens.

But if I had to narrow that down further I would say: Daryl, Carol or Abraham. I really hope I'm wrong. Maybe it can be the Preacher, I don't even know his name and I'm not even going to Google it. So annoying! 

You'll also notice I didn't include Rick.  The Walking Dead is about Rick.  No Rick, no Walking Dead.  I think Rick has plenty more story to be told.  And I can't freaking wait! 

Please note: This is all from the point of view of the tv series, not the graphic novels.

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