The Walking Dead - Twice as Far

The Walking Dead - Twice as Far

The Walking Dead: Twice as far S06E14

Basically I lived this entire episode on the edge of my seat. And much like last weeks episode, it started slow and steady, got us comfy and then punched us in the guts to remind us this is The Walking Dead!


The start of the episode really went to great lengths to show us that life in Alexandria was about routine, and though each day is much like the last, the inhabitants are having to become new identities in an ever changing world.

So let's get into it! 

Eugene Porter

I generally find Eugene very annoying, ever since that coward move of telling people he had the cure so they would protect him I've been frustrated, combined with the fact that he's generally the last guy to do anything for the group.  Though this week Eugene had four really awesome moments: 

  1. Thinking outside the box in terms of creating ammunition as a form of currency - great move! 
  2. Volunteering to take down a Walker - Even if the Walker did have a Viserys Targaryen crown.
  3. Having bro-vorce with Abraham, which was totally un-called for, though I did apprecate Eugene telling Abraham to "slow your roll Red"  
  4. Eating a dick.

Eugene, you proved your value to the group this week.  

Denise Cloyd

First of all the camp has one doctor.  That doctor doesn't leave the camp. Jesus.

I really like Denise as a character, she's lived a sheltered life in Alexandria though she's quickly showed her worth and become a key asset to the group.

Denise, you will be missed **pours 40oz on the ground** 

I also think that by now pro survivalists like Daryl should know better than to argue in the middle of nowhere. It always leads to danger!

Carol Peletier

So Carol's getting out of dodge! Much like last weeks episode I really feel like this is an out of character move for her, she's been a bad ass for years and now over two episodes it's all catching up with her and she can't take it anymore! We already have Morgan leading team: "set phases to stun", we don't need another red shirt in that camp.

So as she left Alexandria she said: 

"We have so much here, people, food, medicine, walls.  Everything we need to live.  But what we have other people want to, and that won't ever change. If we survive this threat and it's not over, another one will be back to take its place, to take what we have. I love you all here, I do... and I'd have to kill for you, and I can't, I won't"

It's true, but what's the alternative!

So many Carol questions! 

  • How's the original crew like Daryl going to take this, he's not strong enough! 

  • Will she back to save the group like she did at Terminus in a future season?
  • Will we never see her again and this is just a different type of death in the Walking Dead universe? 

I'll tell you one thing it does mean, it mean's she's probably not going to die this season.  God, is she...maybe the Saviours will capture her, as I type this I'm not confident of anything! 

Getting ready for the final episode

We're clearly heading towards a show down in the final episode of the season.  I'm still on the fence about who from the core group is not going to make it. If it's Daryl, he better get to kill the guy called "Dee".  You (A) never touch another mans bike and (B) you never touch his crossbow. Even if it does kick like a mule.

Things are heating up.  I can't wait for the last episode of the season, though it also makes me a little sad that we have to wait at least six months before it kicks off again. Though I guess we have Fear the Walking Dead to look forward to. 

Till next time little birds.

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