The Walking Dead - East

The Walking Dead - East

The Walking Dead: East S06E15 

**SPOILER ALERT** - I couldn't find a suitable GIF with the words 'spoilers' in it tonight, though this better summed up my current feelings.


Let's get down to business - Ok that was totally in the shoulder! I've re-watched that last few minutes a couple of times and it looks like the gun was pointing at the shoulder, at THE SHOULDER! 

So another rollercoaster of a ride with the penultimate episode of the season.

I think the writers did a good job with the Carol story-line.  I was really surprised to see her in this episode, and when I saw her necklace on the ground in the opening clips I was totally convinced the Saviours had killed her! If you've been reading my previous posts you'll recall my lack of positivity for 'sensitive' Carol. Though I actually felt bad for her today, she didn't want to kill those people, they kind of forced her hand. Though it's the world she lives in now. She would probably be better to lock in down in Alexandria and never leave the walls.

I loved how moody / angsty (teenage?) Daryl decided to take the fight to Dwight and The Saviours, he's such a bad ass. Though I did find it very frustrating that a van full of main characters chased after him in an attempt to convince him to return to Alexandria. Then next minute Morgan and Rick are leaving as well to chase after Carol.  I had to laugh when Rick said "no one else leave!".

So Morgan and Rick had another chance to have a deep and meaningful. I think it's starting to sink-in with Rick that's he's started something big here. I don't think I agree with the passivity of Morgan in The Walking Dead universe, though it was nice to see Rick actually contemplate how dark he's getting. And when I say contemplate, I mean, lightly, very lightly! As soon as Abraham 'bro'ed' him up I think he felt good about things again.

Meanwhile Maggie's cutting her hair, and having baby issues. I'm not sure what's worse, the fact the town has no Doctor, or no hairdresser.  Based on that haircut, I'm going for the latter.

So once Glenn, Michonne and Rosita caught up with Daryl, they quickly realised that there was no point in trying to convince him to come home. Though Rosita, with nothing left to love, decides to go with Daryl and help him rain hellfire.  I was relieved at first to see Michonne and Glenn turn back and start heading home. Though as soon as they stopped to chat at the pond I thought one of two things are about to go down: 

  • Swamp Zombies, and / or 
  • Ambush

Unfortunately it was another ambush by Dwight and The Saviours, which was pretty frustrating as that same thing happened last week. Though thankfully I was thinking to myself, Daryl being the 'ace tracker' that he is will have their back - which he did for about three seconds until Dwight and the crew caught him. Though this time Dwight pulled the trigger... fade to black!

What the hell man, is this another death fake out, is it a shoulder hit like I'm hoping, is that how Daryl Dixon dies. Someone get me a 'flux capacitor' I need to see next weeks episode immediately! 

Next week I'm going on a social media black-out until I've seen the episode, I don't want no pesky spoilers ruining the experience.

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