Standing on the Edge

Standing on the Edge

I'm starting to seriously 'crush' on the new Samsung S7 Edge! I'm currently an iPhone user, but I've dabbled in the dark arts of Android phones before. To consider an Android phone is no small decision, I'm pretty deep in the Apple eco-system so the idea of changing wouldn't necessarily be without a certain amount of niggle.

When I think back on my smart phone history I'm pretty sure these were the phones I've owned, and as you can see there's a small amount of Android dabbling in my past: 

  • iPhone 3
  • iPhone 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Sony Xperia
  • iPhone 4
  • Samsung Note 3
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6 Plus 
  • iPhone 6s Plus

Apart from the Galaxy S3 which I pretty much used until I broke it (it had that terrible plastic case which was prone to stress cracks) I've always ended up going back to Apple.  And as you can see I'm pretty much a 'every year I'm going to upgrade my phone type person', don't judge me!

I also use a Macbook, iPad and now an Apple Watch - everything just kind of works well together, so as I mentioned earlier the idea of mixing it up with an off brand device is not a decision to be made lightly.

Though I'll tell you one thing that I think everyone is doing better than Apple, and that's watches! As an Apple Watch owner I really do think it's an ugly and mostly useless piece of tech.  Heck, I would even take a Huawei over an Apple Watch just on aesthetics alone.

So what has got me so fired up about the new Samsung S7 Edge?

To name a few features:

  • Camera improvements (over the iPhone) 
  • Wireless charging
  • Bigger battery 
  • Upgradable memory 
  • Water resistant
  • The visual aesthetics
  • The curved edges of the display 

And that's just the phone, there is also accessories like:

  • Samsung's new 360 Camera
  • Android wear like the Smart Gear 2 
  • VR Tech

Plus, not to mention a huge range of cases and additional phone specific tools like battery packs, charging cases - the list goes on. If I was going to buy one right now I would go for the Silver Titanium - So hot! 

So the question is, do I make the switch?

Reasons for changing

  • I primarily use my phone for photography, anytime a phone has a better camera than I what I currently use it peaks my interest

  • I use a lot of Google tools now, and most of the Apple Apps are cloud based so I could still access core information where needed

  • I feel like Apple is loosing it's spark - we haven't seen any true Innovation from Apple for a while, they're slow to release products and I can't help but feel since the passing of Steve Jobs even the notion of beautifully designed products is slowly fading away (e.g. the Apple Smart Battery Case)

  • Fast charging - I'm a pretty heavy smart phone user, anytime I can get back in the action quickly is a bonus

  • Did I mention that I think this phone is also sexy as hell! 

Reasons for staying with Apple

  • My ecosystem of devices continue to work together and allow me to easily share content between devices

  • Everything is backed up to iCloud

  • iPhoto has all of my photos at my finger tips

  • Apple Podcast App - It's been a long time, though when I dabbled with Android phones in the past I never truly found  a good Android App for Podcasts (I'm sure that's changed" 

So let's just entertain a couple of hypothetical options here, bearing in mind that (A) I don't actually need a new phone, and (B) I would have to be very creative about how I sold this idea to my girlfriend who would think this is all a giant waste of money. 

So the options as I see them:

  • Option One - Wait for the iPhone 7 (which will no doubt be delayed in NZ and not arrive till very late in the year) and see what that has to offer.  If it doesn't feel like the upgrade 'Gotham' deserves then I could maybe reconsider my options, and by which time the Samsung Note 5 will likely be out as well.

  • Option Two - Grab this 'bull by the horns' and make the switch to the S7 Edge and be damned with what links in the chain this breaks with my other devices - which is likely to be only my watch which I don't rate that highly anyway.

  • Option Three - Be that guy that owns two phones and swap between them depending on circumstance.  I'm sure over time though this would lead me to sell one of them because swapping between two phones sounds annoying!

The S7 Edge still hasn't been released in NZ, though it's due this month and I still have a bit more time to consider my options - should I step over that 'Edge' I'll be sure to report my findings and experiences here on the site. Though until then, if you're currently living a dual life of Apple & Android I would love to hear more about your experiences in the comments. And if you're one of the lucky people picking up the new Samsung S7 or S7 Edge what's your core reason for upgrading.  Though more importantly what colour are you going to choose?

Samsung S7 Edge
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