Suicide Squad - Trailer

The third trailer dropped for Suicide Squad today. And I'm beyond excited for this one! 

I’m known to be quite vexing, I’m just fore warning you
— Harley Quinn

Favourite moments

  • The Joker - HaHaHaHa intro

  • Harley Quinn's frequent banter - Ever since Batman: The Animated Series I've been team Harley Quinn, such a great character! 

  • The soundtrack

  • Will Smith as Deadshot - Not only is Will Smith a heavy weight in the acting department, he makes a great Deadshot!

  • More Batman! 

This movie looks dark, but most of it all looks fun. And I think reflecting on all the negative press around Batman v Superman, it's what people want. Tell a good story, make it enjoyable. Add some good Haha's and you might just have yourself something people enjoy.

Though I love seeing new footage of the Suicide Squad, I really hope Warner Brothers doesn't release anymore until it launches later this year. I feel like one of the down sides to Batman v Superman was I had seen all the major scenes in the trailers. Then when I watched the movie in the theatre I felt like I was subconsciously ticking the scenes off in my head. I want this movie to be awesome, I want it start pulling the DC universe together. For that to happen we need to experience some hype and surprise in the cinema. Warner Brothers, DC, please stop telling us so much!

And more importantly keep up the great work on Suicide Squad! 

Suicide Squad