When the world ends

If there is one thing that the internet is all about these days, it's a list.

The Walking Dead

So I asked a few of my fellow Walking Dead fans: who would be the top five Walking Dead characters you would want at your side when the world ends and why? This list is made up of characters from the television show universe and includes characters across all seasons, dead or alive. Hopefully the rationale is what you'll find most interesting.

A special thanks to Paul, Damien, Matt, Nicole, Simon & Samara for taking the time to contribute to this post. If it means anything - My squad would steal your food and probably kill you in the night. PS: We're all infected.

By the numbers

Glen, Michonne and Daryl are clearly strong choices for most of us, while not many people chose Rick!

Rick is 100% one of my favourite characters personally, though I equally wouldn't want him in my group. As the Highlander once said "there can be only one". 

Here's a summary of how many times each person was selected through this exercise.

Our choices

Dan | @daniel_whiting

  1. Glen
  2. Machonne - Season 3
  3. Sasha 
  4. Carol - Season 4 / 5 
  5. Beth

First of all, I'm the leader of this group. What I say goes. My group is made up of survivors. People that have proven themselves time and time again. If the world's going to hell, I couldn't think of five better survivors I would want at my side. Here's my rationale:

Glen - He's my rogue. He can get in and out of a situation before the Walker's have even murmured. He's an expert at navigation, reconnaissance and escape routes.

Machonne - The silent assassin, low maintenance, deadly and asks minimal questions. No need for awkward silences with Machonne - it's our preferred mode of operation. 

Sasha - Straight up soldier. She's as deadly with a 9MM as she is with a hunting knife.  There's not a person in the squad she wouldn't take a bullet for.

Carol - I'm specifically calling out season 3 / 4 Carol. This is the Carol that everyone want's on their team. Carol is a master of deception. Highly experienced in hand to hand combat. Can survive on her own or in a group. Carol isn't afraid to do the dirty work that others shy away from. Carol's also a great cook. 

Beth - She's my BAE. No questions asked.

Paul | @ObiWanKnauer

  1. Rick 
  2. Hershel 
  3. Eugene 
  4. Abraham 
  5. Daryl 

Rick - First in for sure.  We’d all follow him to the end of the world wouldn’t we.  Natural leader and will make the decisions that most people, including me, would really rather not.

Hershel - The calm voice of reason that I’d want by my side.  And if anyone gets sick or injured, he’s the first person I’d go looking for.

Eugene - Someone who can think outside the box.  A little bit of an oddball yes, but hey that mullet will get me through some dark times.

Abraham - I need a soldier.  I need someone fearless, and Abraham provides the muscle too in that regard.  He inspires confidence in others too.

Daryl - Had to be in my top 5.  Always keeps a level head (pretty much always) and is the kind of guy you’d want around if you got lost or needed to find someone.

Damien | @DLeBrizzle

  1. Daryl 
  2. Machonne 
  3. Glen
  4. Sasha 
  5. Abraham 

In a world where there are Walkers everywhere that want to eat you, where resources are scarce and interactions with other humans fraught with danger, you don’t want to roll with someone that could explode at the drop of a hat or start killing random strangers, turning around to look at the people staring at him and then yelling “WHAT!?!?”.
So for me, if I get to choose five people from The Walking Dead universe to look out for me and keep me alive, I’m choosing five people that are skilled, resourceful and consistently mentally stable. Here they are:
Daryl - If Daryl dies, we riot, so goes the t shirt. Daryl is a hunter, a tracker, a survivor of the highest calibre. He never had any money or luxuries of life before the outbreak, so this world isn’t all that different for him to begin with. He’s the reliable, stoic, loyal right hand man. And I want him at my right.

Michonne - If Daryl is the right hand man, then Michonne is the strong, katana wielding left hand of God. Remember, when we met Michonne, she had already devised her own anti walker device, by chopping out the teeth of two walkers and chaining them by the neck allowing her to walk among the dead unharmed. She’s resourceful and deadly. But, her greatest quality is she is the person you want to lean on for advice and as a sounding board because she’s smart, reasonable and makes good choices.

Glenn - the former pizza delivery guy and gamer is your go to scrounger and just an all-round good guy. He’s battle hardened, he’s got the scars to prove it and while he can make the hard call and be brutal if needed, he has a solid moral compass. He can also be called upon to lead the group if needed as he’s really come along in status and leadership of late.

Sasha - In every group you need a solid soldier. The kind of girl that carries a customised, silenced AR15, knows how to use it, is totally reliable and loyal and can be relied upon to get the job done. She carries out orders without questioning them, or whining and she’s low maintenance and will hold her end up.

Abraham - And the final spot goes to…Maggie? I think…? If Carol hadn’t just lost her mind and gone soft and hence endangering everyone when she took off unannounced, she would be a shoe in for one of the top five. However, with her current state of mind being called into question, then it really comes down to someone like Maggie, who I think has a somewhat less than obvious/visible contribution to make to the group (which is why I’m kind of reluctant to include her), or someone like Abraham, who is clearly strong, from a military background and can fill another “solid soldier” type spot similar to Sasha. However, he hasn’t had the greatest track record in the past in terms of being mentally stable, so that’s why I’ve gone to Maggie for the fifth spot. Oh wait, I’ve just remembered she’s pregnant, which isn’t a bad thing in of itself……but I’m looking out for me here. Abraham it is.

Matt | @MattInnes

  1. Michonne
  2. Carl 
  3. Glen 
  4. Jesus 
  5. -

Michonne - She's one of the most deadly characters in The Walking Dead and her loyalty is second to none! 

Carl - Though he's young, Carl shows a lot of potential. He even has the slightly dark edge that may come in handy.

Glen - Without Maggie, Glen is going to be a lot more focussed, making him a critical member of my group.

Jesus - Though we don't know much about Jesus yet, I've got a really good feeling about him. He's my wildcard, though how bad can it get?

Nicole | @NicNicNZ

  1. Daryl
  2. Glen
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -

I don't think it's realistic that anyone is going to survive.  I'm going for a good time, not a long time. So it's just going to be the three of us. Don't judge me.

Simon | @simon_OB

  1. Michonne 
  2. Glen 
  3. Daryl 
  4. Carol 
  5. Horse & spear guy 

Michonne - She has all the skills necessary to survive, common sense, without a major personality flaw. 

Glen - Without Maggie, Glen is going to be a lot more focussed, making him a critical member of my group.

Daryl - Need this explained? Have you even watched TWD? Total king Pin. Willing to call bullshit and get his hands dirty. Lots of useful survival skills.

Carol - Can be annoying, but the ability to fool enemies into thinking she's weak when in fact (up until she lost the plot a bit) she's not. Bakes. Also voted up for probably being slower than me so it ever came down to a foot race to escape a zombie hoard my odds would increase marginally.

Horse & spear guy - The guy dressed as a knight on horseback towards the end of the recent series. Horses! Spears! Horses! Spears!

Samara | @samarajaneking

  1. Rick
  2. Michonne
  3. Daryl
  4. Glen
  5. Carol

I've made my group based on the fact that all these people are fighters. Though they're fighters that each bring a unique skill set to the table. 

Rick - He's a total bad ass and he can make the hard calls when no one else can. He's here to the lead the group. We look to him for leadership.

Michonne - She may the most fearless assassin in my group, though she's also got heart. It's something that can't be underestimated in the dark days ahead.

Daryl - Even though Darryl is a total bad ass as well, he's also an excellent hunter / gatherer. A skill that shouldn't be underestimated in the zombie apocalypse.

Glen - He's a master strategist. He's always got the end game in mind. A vital member in my groups make-up.

Carol - No price is to high for Carol. She's got the groups interests at heart in everything she does.

So those were our choices.

Who would you take with you?