The Walking Dead - Last Day on Earth

The Walking Dead - Last Day on Earth

The Walking Dead - Last Day on Earth S06E16

"Bitch Nutz"| Abraham

So what the hell was that ending, I'm so furious right now! We've been on a journey with The Walking Dead crew for the better part of this season and they just leave us hanging... stay tuned in October 2016 when you find out what actually happens.

This was going to be the equivalent of the Red Wedding from The Game of Thrones, instead they opt for a fade to black moment! So infuriating.

Scott Gimple, Producer and Writer for The Walking Dead says in an interview on 'The Talking Dead' that the reason for the fade to black was because this was the end of this story arc. The start of a new story arc is the aftermath of that loss. I'm mad Scott. Yeah I'm going to talk about it a lot and speculate based on limited facts for the next six months, but I'm not happy about it!

"Pee Pee Pants city" | Negan

I think why I felt so frustrated at the end of this episode is that I really felt the anticipation and build up through the rest of the episode. There were so many little moments with different characters that left me thinking... could it be you, or you, or you who doesn't survive... I was genuinely nervous.   

So first of all we get a longer episode to wrap up this season, which I really loved.

I found the Carol & Morgan scenes a little slow and painful. And at one point I actually thought that Saviour who was slowly trying to kill Carol was going to let the Walker out to kill her. Now that would have been very dark and I'm almost surprised he didn't. There's a real suicide feel to the Carol storyline, and it's really frustrating to see other people being put at risk because of her decisions. Carol's a favourite character of mine, but it's hard to be team Carol right now.

Meanwhile about 70% of the rest of the episode is dedicated to Rick and the crew trying to get Maggie to Hilltop. And as all the main characters piled in the RV I knew this wasn't going to end well.

So just what was it that made me love this episode so much, well: 

  1. Rick's confidence that he could beat the Saviours - He really thought he had this.
  2. The Saviour's putting in roadblocks at every turn. 
  3. The Walker road block with chains
  4. Carl turning into a bad-ass - he's a mini Ricky G in the making, did you see the way to ended that Walker when they were trying to get through the forest. Also the fact that Rick didn't ask him to stay behind really says something about his view of grown up Carl. And let's not even mention how Carl handled Negan, the kids got some stones.
  5. The Saviours "Mocking Jay" whistle when they had the group surrounded. It was so spooky and well played.
  6. Negan's speech and introduction - It was almost hard to think of Negan as a villain. In fact, based on the the antagonistic way Rick has gone after The Saviours you could almost consider Rick just as much of a villain.
  7. The physical appearance and fear that the actors brought to their characters for the final scene! 

So that's what I loved, but what didn't I like:

  • I know this is from last week, but Maggie, that haircut... 
  • Carol & Morgan's storyline 
  • I don't think there is anyone currently at Alexandria that we care about or have any character investment in
  • The fade to black death scene - I wanted closure, I needed it.

Eenie meenie miney mo

So who actually died then? If it's a main character I think it was either Daryl or Glen.

If it was a side character then it was Aaron. Though I don't think it was a side character, you don't start a season with a side character death. You start strong.

It's got to be Daryl or Glen in my view.

I'm only really about 10% sure, you should take none of this for granted. It could be Rick for all I know. If it's Rick, I riot.

So there we have it. Season 6 of The Walking Dead done and dusted. It probably won't be back till about October 2016, though if you're hankering for more Walkers you can start watching the second season of Fear The Walking Dead in a few days time. Though if you're anything like me, maybe you need a bit of time.

My questions to you

  • Who do you think died?
  • What did you think of the finale episode of the season?
  • Are you excited for the Fear the Walking Dead?
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