Game of Thrones - Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones - Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones - Book of the Stranger S06E04

Another stellar episode of Game of Thrones this week. I can't believe we're almost at the half way point of the season. It's bitter sweet that the best is yet to come, yet we're only six episodes away until we have another year to wait for season seven. The night is dark and full of terrors my friends.

Though lots of the smaller story arcs progressed a little further, I'm going to focus on the two big moments in this post. Though first, let's get started with quote of the episode.

Quote of the episode this week goes to Littlefinger. His mystery, intrigue and general villainous stature, which I can't help but love, knows no bounds. 

Gather the Knights of the Vale. The time has come to join the fray
— Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish

What I love the most about this quote, is that Littlefinger has probably been playing 'The Game of Thrones' longer than any other character on the show, yet he chooses to "join the fray".


Two really big moments! 

(1) Sansa & Jon - Don't f**k with the North

If you've read my earlier posts you will have seen that I've been quite concerned about Sansa and Jon never actually meeting each other at Castle Black - though tonight those fears were put to rest - and quickly!

Jon & Sansa

Even though Sansa and Jon weren't the closest of siblings growing up, it was really great to see the former glory of House Stark come together again in an almost forgiving of all past wrongs embrace. Something we haven't really seen since season one.

I also enjoyed seeing Sansa give a rallying speech to get Jon to consider taking back Winterfell. And though Jon was initially reluctant, Ramsey Bolton sealed his own fate with his taunting and evil letter to Jon. I think before this season is over we may see a Stark back in Winterfell. The North remembers.

Castle Black - Dinner

What's great about this story arc, and personally why I'm loving it so much, is that Jon has a renewed sense of purpose. And even more importantly, for the first time in six seasons I've actually seen Sansa step into the role of a Stark.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the future Wardeness of the North.

Meanwhile, while destinies are being created... Tormund is going "gaga" for Brienne, who I'm not quite sure reciprocates those feelings.

(2) Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be... 

Daenerys reminded the Khalasar, and us as viewers, that her wallet is the one that says: 

Bad Mother F**ker Wallet

Daenerys showed the Dothraki overlords that they were mistaken to take her prisoner by killing every powerful khal in existence with one fell swoop. Though her 'resistance' to fire isn't quite book accurate (or cannon as the Star Wars kids like to say) I once again found myself cheering for a character I often feel frustrated by.

I really hope that the Khalasar doesn't become another Meereen with more problems than solutions. Though given the pace of the show I expect we'll be seeing Daenerys back in Meeren in an episode or two. Here's hoping that Tyrion hasn't made any bad calls in her absence.


Next week - The door

Next week's episode is titled 'The door', check out the trailer below:

By the looks of things: 

  • Littlefinger has some "splaining" to do with Sansa
  • Arya might have another kill order 
  • Bran comes face to face with The Nights King in another vision 
  • The Salt Throne is up for grabs
  • And we have another Red Priestess in out midst 

See you back next week!

Game of Thrones - The Door

Game of Thrones - The Door

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