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Game of Thrones - Home S06E02

So all the things are happening!

  • Jon Snow took a breath.
  • Bran had a haircut 
  • Tyrion's probably a Targaryen
  • Tormund Giantsbane accepted Jon Snow's friend request 
  • Hodor's actual name is Willis
  • King Tommen needs some advice from his Mum 
  • Uncle Sea Lord is in town
  • And all the Dad's in Game of Thrones are dead. 

They're really not mucking around this season. I felt like so much was covered in this episode I barely took a moment to exhale! Just like Jon Snow.

I'm going to try something a little different this week and seperate this article into a couple of key components:

  • Quote of the episode
  • Top deaths
  • Break down of the big moments

And finally, some predictions for next week. Let's go! 

Quote of the episode

I’ve never been much of a fighter... Apologies for what you’re about to see
— Davos Seaworth

Top deaths

  1. Robert Strong aka Cersei's Frankenstein smashing the drunk's head into the wall.
  2. The Giant at Castle Black DESTROYING the Night's Watchman who shot an arrow at him.
  3. Roose Bolton being stabbed by his own son as they hugged.

Breaking down the big moments

Bran & The Three Eyed Raven

Bran's time travel flashback with Max von Sydow as 'The Three Eyed Raven' was awesome. It showed us Lyanna Stark who I strongly believe is Jon Snow's mother. That Hodor's name is actually Willis and he could say things other than just 'Hodor!'. Though more importantly it showed us Bran's power. Clearly while the rest of Westeros was fighting over the throne in season five, Bran was practicing his craft! I'm expecting him to be a dangerous force as the story progresses. And let's be honest, if you're going to fight an army of undead you're going to need some secret weapons.

Bran Stark & The Three Eyed Raven

Keeping up with the Lannisters

When Uncle Jamie aka 'Real Dad' gives Tommen some advice to go and see his mother, Tommen reveals to his mother that he needs her help, she raised him to be strong, and he hasn't once shown that 'Lannister' strength during the events of the High Sparrow and Kings Landing. Cersei is one of those complex characters who you often find yourself hating and loving at the same time. At this current moment I feel for her, and I can't wait for to re-find her purpose and help Tommen clean up Kings Landing. When Cersei puts her plan into motion there will be a reckoning.

We also got to see Jamie threaten the High Sparrow and then the High Sparrow flex his muscle back. For a moment there I thought Jamie might be next for the cells, though they seem happy to leave him at play - bad move. Clearly the High Sparrow doesn't know who he's dealing with. 

Jamie Lannister

Ramsey's World

Moving on to Westero's most hated psychopath - Ramsey Bolton.

When Ramsey killed Roose Bolton (his father) I genuinely felt terrified for the North. The only thing that even slightly keeps Ramsey in-check is his father, and with Roose no longer in the picture only bad things are in store for anyone that crosses Ramsey in his hunt for Sansa and his quest to rule the North. 

RIP: Fat Walda & Baby Bolton

Ramsey Bolton & Walda

Two Dragons & Dwarf walk into a bar... 

What I'm enjoying about this season of Game of Thrones is that if someone has an idea i.e. free the dragons, moments later they're freeing the dragons! As opposed to the normal season long process some things seem to take.

So with Daenerys still missing in action and her previous achievements falling by the wayside Tyrion proposes unchaining the dragons. Tyrion as he rightly self proclaims "knows things", and he's got a pretty good hunch that if they're set free they will be much more likely to eat, grow and become the asset that Daenerys needs them to be.

Though, as we know, not just anyone can release the dragons. One wrong move and you'll be burnt alive. Though Tyrion is pretty confident that as a friend of Daenerys he'll be O.K. Which he was. Though it has me wondering about another theory on the internet. Is Tyrion actually a Targaryen as well... 

Tyrion Lannister

Spirit Fingers and Magic Hands

Finally, the big reveal that everyone has been hanging out for... Jon Snow lives. Davos managed to convince Melisandre to try some of her magic on Jon to bring him back from the dead. This may have been the worst kept secret in modern media, though it's great to have him back.

The big question now is... what does this mean for Jon Snow. Will he stay at wall and return to his position as Lord Commander of the Nights Watch or is he officially released from his vows and free to fulfil his destiny i.e. Restore Winterfell and help Sansa secure the North, then rise up with Daenerys to protect the realm... so many possibilities.

Jon Snow

Next week

Episode three is titled: 'Oathbreaker' which makes me think two things.

  1. It's very similar to Oathkeeper, which is the name of the sword forged from the Stark family sword, Ice. Which Brienne carries. 
  2. Perhaps Jon is going to break his oath and leave the Nights Watch - Though if you've been killed by the Night's Watch I think you've done your duty. 

Though what I'm really hoping it means is that it's time for some old fashioned Lannister retribution. It's time to rain down hell on the High Sparrow, those sack wearing thugs need their debt repaid, and you know what they say about a Lannister.

It also looks like we're getting more flashbacks... Jon's linage much.

Oathbreaker Promo

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