Game of Thrones - The Door

Game of Thrones - The Door

Game of Thrones - The Door S06E05

Another crazy good episode of Game of Thrones. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This season is amazing. The pacing, the inclusion of different story arcs, the answering of questions - It's all working seamlessly. 

Let's get started - full spoilers ahead.

Hodor - Can you hold that door?

Well played George R.R. Martin, well played! Not once in the last five years of Game of Thrones viewing and reading have I once thought; Hodor converts to "Hold the door". That was an incredible plot twist that's obviously been in the works for 20+ years. Incredible.


Hodor has been a fan-favourite character for a long time and I can imagine there are going to be several very upset viewers regarding his demise. Though he went out bravely, he was still ultimately sacrificed by Bran.

Seeing how Willis became Hodor was maybe one of the most saddest moments in the series to date. And I'm sure something that will be talked about for years to come when it comes to great television twists. The way this went down also raises several questions for me about time travel, though I don't quite have my head around what this means yet. I'll need to convene my small council to discuss this in more detail. 

The Nights King & Bran 

So the Children of the Forrest made The Nights King to fight the war against men. And now The Night's King is killing the Children of the Forrest / everyone. No back up plan? 

It's been long speculated about who the Nights King may be, though tonight we saw an unknown character being turned into either a White Walker, or more presumably The Nights King?

After Bran went time travelling on his own, he came across The Nights King who was able to touch him and find out where he was hiding. And very quickly he was on Bran's doorstep looking to destroy him. He must really fear the power Bran possesses.

Any time we get to see the White Walkers in action is always good. And tonight was no exception. We got to see the Children of the Forrest throw fire grenades at the Wights who seem to have a natural fear of fire.

We also got to see the main White Walkers steam roll through said fire in there search for Bran. It was also great to be reminded on the power of Dragon Glass when Mira threw a spear at one of the White Walkers. 

The Nights King

I've really been enjoying the flashbacks with Bran and The Three-eyed Raven. Though much like anything that you enjoy too much in the Game of Thrones, it's taken away from you. Lets hope that Bran still has the power to complete some of the flashback stories i.e. R+L=J.

I presume the next stop for Bran and Mira is Castle Black / The Wall. Though it's going to be a long and dangerous journey with no Hodor or Summer for protection.

The Kings Moot

When I read A Dance with Dragons, I found the whole King's Moot (selection of a new King for the Iron Isles) long winded and dull. Though tonight it was dealt with quickly and efficiently. It even brought about a purpose I never even considered, and it's been under my nose this whole time. No wonder I'm not a King.

The newly elected King of the Iron Islands - Euron, wants to rebuild the Iron Island fleet and sail it to Daenerys. Helping to bring her armies back to Westeros. Euron also thinks he has a chance at a hand in marriage which I highly doubt. Though Daenerys does need those ships!

Before Euron made his claim on the throne, Theon regained some respect by supporting his sister Yara's claim. Despite the hard time his fellow Iron Islanders gave him he stood his ground. Once Yara lost the claim, I think they made a wise move leaving the Iron Islands. The question is, where are the heading?


The Wardeness of the North 

Sansa and Jon made plans to start taking back Winterfell. And in a very surprising turn of events Sansa refused the help of the Vale and simultaneously lied / didn't mention the offer of aid to Jon when he was looking for allies in the war to come.

Sansa clearly wants this victory on her own terms, though I wonder if this might be a decision she comes to regret. Though as she mentions, the North remembers. Perhaps they have more allies than they realise?

Sansa and Jon battle plans

It's also great to hear The Blackfish has taken back River Run. Once the Starks resume hold over Winterfell many of the key families will back in there "rightful" places, or dear I say it, starting places... 

Rest in peace

Tonight we lost quite a few soldiers: 

  • Hodor 
  • Summer (Bran's Direwolf) 
  • The Three-eyed Raven
  • Many of the Children of the Forrest
Dead Homies

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