Game of Thrones - Blood of my Blood

Game of Thrones - Blood of my Blood

Game of Thrones - Blood of my Blood S06E06

An hour really isn't long enough! This show is like crack, you watch it for 60 minutes, it feels like 10 minutes and then when it's over you gasp desperately for more content and more answers. It won't be long before I'm complaining about the 10 month wait for season seven. It's a hard life for a Game of Thrones junkie.

Tonight's episode was a little all over the place story wise, though again it moved several plot points forward dramatically and at pace - which I feel like is a real defining factor of this season. Plus we got to see the return of a number of different characters - Benjen Stark, Walder Fray and Edmure Tully!

The return of Benjen Stark 

We started tonights episode where we left off last week - With Meera and Bran on the run from the White Walkers. Though Meerra is no Hodor (RIP) and she wasn't making much pace having to tow Bran's sled through the snow.

It was such a powerful start to episode six, and I think what made it so great was: 

  1. The fact they continued this story from where it left off last week
  2. Bran processing all of those visions and looking at new ones... Mad King! 
  3. Meera running out of steam and apologising to Bran for failing him, and 
  4. Benjen Stark rocking a fireball chain and saving the day

As soon as the hooded figure arrived he clearly looked like Benjen, and there is something reassuring about seeing the Starks numbers grow again. If you're a book reader does this all but confirm Benjen Stark is Coldhands? I think so.

Mad King
Benjen Stark

No one celebrates Father's Day in Westeros 

Lets get this out of the way first - Horn Hill is an impressive castle! Far more impressive that I ever imagined. Was it meant to be the magnificent? 

Anyway, Sam has mentioned in previous seasons how much of a jerk his father is - both with making him renounce his titles and claim, while sending him to the Nights Watch to ensure he can never bring the Tarly name into disrepute. In true Game of Thrones fashion his father turned out to be a bigger asshole in the flesh than expected. It's quite the theme in Westeros.

So you either have two choices if you're Sam - become a psycho like Ramsey Bolton or live in fear and take-it, like Sam. Though thankfully tonight Sam took matters into his own hands, not only deciding not to leave Gilly at Horn Hill but taking back the family Valyrian steel sword: Heartsbane that is rightfully his!

Good work Sam. You made that 10 minutes of precious screen time all worth it.

Samwell Tarly

Wanted - Assassin that follows instructions, must have no name

Though we started to see this last week, Arya decided to turn her back on the Faceless Men by not assassinating her target. This is the third strike for Arya and marked a definitive turning point in her story. Even more importantly she's reclaimed Needle (the sword that Jon made her in Season One). I think Arya took some meaning from the Theatre Troupe that has made her re-consider what she should be doing in life. Time to get that list back out I imagine. 

Though Before Arya truly gets to leave The Faceless man she was one major hurdle ahead - An exit interview with the Waif. And just like the Daniel Day Lewis film... There will be blood. 

I can't wait to see what happens next, this story arc feels like it's been six seasons in the making.


Crown and faith  

I thought tonight was the night we were going to see the start of the clash between crown and faith, though in a complete turn of script, the High Sparrow was able to outsmart everyone by joining crown and faith and simultaneously cementing my personal dislike for Tommen. Well played Sparrow.

The hard thing about this storyline is I'm not really cheering for anyone except Jaime Lannister. Who I did think was going to be banished to the Wall to take the black, though has instead been sent to help the Frays.

I can't wait to see Jaime back on the battlefield. And I expect some interesting times ahead as Breanne has been sent to the Riverlands to find the Blackfish, though Breanne was also dispatched by Jaime to find Sansa Stark. I expect awkwardness ahoy hoy.

People I don't like

Daenerys Targaryen

Last week 

  • Euron - Build me a 1000 ships, I'm going to get The Queen of Dragons! 

This week

  • Daenerys - How many ships do I need to get to Westeros?
  • Daario - 1000


Daenerys Targaryen

99 Problems but a Wife ain't one

And finally we got to see old Walder Fray - Lord of the Twins.

Lord Fray is not happy about The Blackfish reclaiming The Riverlands. And more importantly he made a comment that the Men without Banners are still terrorising the Riverlands. Does that mean we'll finally get to see Lady... 


Next week - The Broken Man | S06E07

All you need to know about next weeks trailer is that at the 0.29 point Bronn is standing next to Jaime Lannister. Forecast: Extreme banter.

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