Game of Thrones - Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones - Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones - Oathbreaker S06E03

I had friends say the baby death last week was borderline going too far. Though if you want to get me in #demfeels you bring an animal death into the mix! Tonight's post is dedicated to Shaggydog - RIP big guy.

Episode three was another great episode that felt like it was moving in the right direction. There were a few slow parts with Daenerys, the Khalasar and Tommen, though they were fairly small in the scale of all the other awesome things going on, so let's dig in.

Quote of the episode 

Not just one quote this episode - more of an exchange between Tormund and Jon - You 'bro's' collectively take out the quote of the episode award. 

They think you are some kind of God
— Tormund Giantsbane
I’m no God
— Jon Snow
I know you’re not. I saw your pecker. What kind of God would have a pecker that small?
— Tormund Giantsbane

The big moments

Jon Snow - Back in black

I really like the pace that this storyline is moving. In what would normally take one entire season appears to be happening in just one episode. Jon came back to life, briefly touched on his feelings of betrayal and before we knew it, he hung those responsible, including that little punk Ollie. Then before the episode concluded, he handed his Lordship over and stated his watch had ended.  

I think this is perfect - this free's Jon up for much bigger objectives in the show. I'm hoping his first order of business is restoring Winterfell to the rightful Warden of the North - Sansa Stark. Then he's free to shift focus to preparing for the war of fire and ice. Which may require him to seek out Daenerys and claim his DRAGON mount! 

Jon Snow

Bran & The Three-eyed Raven - Time Lords

This was the flashback that fans of the books in particular have been hanging out for - though we didn't quite get the final confirmation, it was still awesome to see it start to play out.

We got to see a young Ned Stark and Howland Reed throw down with Ser Arthur Dayne at the Tower of Joy, where Lyanna Stark is most likely being kept.

I really enjoyed seeing Arthur Dayne come to life as duel wielding legend and member of Kings Guard. And while Bran knew the outcome of the fight. He could clearly see Dayne was the better swordsman. Shame on you Reed for stabbing him in the back - Where is your honour. It seems like more than one truth may have been covered up at the Tower of Joy.

Ned Stark

Small Council / Closed Council

Jamie and Cersei's plan to insert themselves into the Small Council was largely dealt with the same way an older sibling would deal with an annoying little brother. The Small Council just took there meeting to a new room. This really highlights a shift in power away from both Cersei and Jamie.

Though the Small Council doesn't seem to have much going for it at current, it was great to see Olenna Tyrell back in Kings Landing. No doubt those High Sparrow issues will be dealt with quickly efficiently with her return.

Olenna also refined her banter skills with Cersei by reminding her how complicated bloodlines can be, particularly in her family. I don't think anyone but Olenna could get away with that.

Small Council

Arya - A girl with no name & a list

Arya mastered the art of the bo-staff, spacial awareness and even got her vision back this episode. I can't wait to see what happens next with Arya. Though her story hasn't necessarily progressed for a while, her training is preparing her for what lays ahead.

Arya Stark

Rickon & Osha - Now would be the time to phone a friend 

Lord Umber's conversation with Ramsey Bolton took me on a rollercoaster of emotion! On one hand, I was excited to see someone refuse to 'bend the knee' and call out to Ramsey for being the psychopath he is. Then on the other hand, he gave Ramsey the gift of Rickon Stark and Osha. And to top it off, to prove Rickon was in fact a Stark, he gave Ramsey, Shaggydog's head! 

If Jon doesn't storm that castle in the next 60 minutes I have grave fears for those two.

Rickon Stark

Dire Wolf roll-call 

Speaking of Direwolves - I think it's time we roll-call them to see where in the seven kingdoms they are:

Dire Wolves

Left to right: 

  • Summer - with Bran
  • Ghost - with Jon 
  • Grey Wind -
  • Lady -
  • Nymeria - MIA
  • Shaggydog -

Lady was killed on the order of Queen Cersei after Arya’s wolf Nymeria bit Prince Joffrey. Because Arya released Nymeria before Queen Cersei could have the wolf killed, Sansa's dog Lady was killed in her place.

Robb’s wolf Grey Wind was killed with him at the Red Wedding and now Shaggydog is dead at the hand of Lord Umber.

That leaves Ghost, who is currently with Jon at Castle Black; Summer, who is with Bran beyond the Wall and Nymeria, who we haven’t seen since season one.

Next week - Book of the Stranger

Who is The Stranger? The Stranger is one aspect of The Seven. The Faith of the Seven believe The Stranger represents death! Ominous times ahead perhaps.

Predictions for next week

  • House Lannister and House Tyrell finally join forces (probably into Voltron) and throw down with the High Sparrow, or least with a few of his followers.  
  • Jorah and Darrio's 'excellent adventure' comes to a gripping conclusion when they commence operation: rescue the Queen of Dragons - Maybe this will be where Jorah Mormont lays his life on the line for Daenerys Targaryen. He does have that bad case of greyscale.
  • Guess who's coming for dinner - The Game of Thrones edition, where by the time your dinner guest arrives you're either dead or you've got new squad goals. In this particular scenario I'm referring to Sansa Stark arriving at Castle Black (finally), though Jon Snow will have no doubt already departed... because his "watch has ended"
Game of Thrones - Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones - Book of the Stranger

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