Game of Thrones - Send a Raven

Game of Thrones - Send a Raven

I'm sending you a Raven. Choose to read this at your own peril as it's full of spoilers and predictions.

So much conversation and chatter is happening in the Game of Thrones world right now that I had to bring you some news outside of the normal episode recaps.

The three big things I want to cover today are: 

  1. Theories around Arya & the Waif
  2. Sansa's mysterious letter
  3. The names and run times of the last three episodes of the season 

Arya Theories

If you're like me, your initial reaction to Arya being attacked by the Waif was one of frustration. Though on deeper reflection, numerous water cooler conversations and internet reactions, a number of possible theories have surfaced:

  • Theory 1 - This was an elaborate hoax setup by Arya to expose the Waif. Most likely involving pigs blood and theatre tricks learnt from Lady Crane, the actress in earlier episodes of season six.
  • Theory 2 - Jaqen H’ghar was disguised as Arya, and this was actually a test for the Waif.  Jaqen H’ghar specifically said "Don't make her suffer". A stab to the stomach, rather than the a slash to the throat seems like suffering to me. There will be consequences if this theory is true.
  • Theory 3 - Maybe the most complex theory of them all: Arya and the Waif are actually the same person! 

I'm not going to dig to deep on any of these theories, though if you wanted to read more, check out Time or Buzzfeed who have both covered these in more detail.


Sansa's letter

Redditor CreepyPancakes spent some time deciphering the letter that Sansa wrote in the last episode of Game of Thrones. After struggling to pull an army together, Sansa decided to send a raven to someone for aid, though it was never really clear to who? Most viewers were hoping it would be to the Vale, though you can never be to sure in Game of Thrones.

Wonder no more, here's what Sansa said in her letter:

Now you have a chance to fulfill your promise to protect me. Knights of the Vale are under your command. Ride north for Winterfell. Lend us your aid and I shall see that you are well rewarded.
— Sansa Stark

Next Episodes

The names and run times of the last three episodes of season six have now been released. It looks like we'll be getting an extra long season finale:

  • Episode 8 - No One | 58 min
  • Episode 9 - Battle of the Bastards | 60 min
  • Episode 10 - Winds of Winter | 70min

Often episode 9 tends to be the climatic battles and bigger scenes of the season, while episode 10 tends to deal with the aftermath while setting us up for the next season. Judging by the name of episode 9 we won't be disappointed.

Check back on Monday night for an episode 8: No One review and commentary.

Game of Thrones - The One

Game of Thrones - The One