Game of Thrones - Battle of the Bastards

Game of Thrones - Battle of the Bastards

Battle of the Bastards - The Door S06E09

Best episode of the season / ever. The end.


Daenerys + Dracarys = Win

Let's start with Ms Stormborn - After returning to Meereen last episode and finding it under attack by the Masters, Daenerys took matters into her own hands by making an example of some of the Masters fleet. We haven't heard Daenerys whisper 'dracarys' for a while, and Drogon didn't disappoint with the destruction that followed.

I think we have a Queen that will be at the front of the fleet when she arrives at Kings Landing.

Meanwhile Grey Worm reminded us why he's in charge of the Unsullied by quickly taking care of negotiations with the Masters.

And in what felt like a slightly ahead of schedule move, we also saw Theon and Yara arrive at Meereen with offers of ships and men. This is something I didn't quite expect until next episode or maybe even next season. I did however absolutely love the exchanges between Daenerys and Yara. So many nods, winks and smirks. Potential romance maybe? 

Though perhaps the most interesting exchange of the night was:

What if everyone starts demanding their independence?
— Tyrion
She’s not demanding, she’s asking. The others are free to ask as well.
— Daenerys

Based on this ruling, the door looks wide open for other houses to retain their lands and castles - they only need ask. Send a raven to Winterfell with this news.


Happy Shitting

Let's get to the heart of episode nine. With a battle that's been coming ever since the Boltons' made their move against the North at the Red Wedding back in season three. 

I think Ramsey Bolton is (or was) the official troll of Westeros. Within about 2 minutes he made three quick and deadly verbal jabs at Sansa, Jon and his men. The perfect fuel for the battle ahead. 

Ramsey's trollolol jabs

My beloved wife, I’ve missed you terribly
— Ramsey Bolton
Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now dismount and kneel before me. Surrender your army, and proclaim me the true lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North
— Ramsey Bolton
She’s a fine women, your sister. I look forward to having her back in my bed
— Ramsey Bolton

Even though it was Jon and Ramsey's first official interaction and face-to-face meeting, I think they did an excellent job of getting under each others skins.


Meanwhile, something that hasn't really been addressed this season is Davos Seaworth's reaction and knowledge of Shireen Baratheon's death at the hand of Melisandre and Stannis. Though by the looks of things, all of the plot pieces are coming together for Davos. I don't think the Onion Knight is going to be happy about this one. 


The battle of the bastards

Then we get to the crème de la crème of scenes. I'm not even going to try and talk at detail through this. These where six incredible moments in the lead up to the battle of the bastards.

(1) Ramsey's final game with Rickon Stark


(2) The moment that Jon realises he's played right into Ramsey's trap. Though in true Stark fashion he won't go down without a fight.


(3) The final moments of the battle where all hope looks lost. 


(4) Jon being slowly being suffocated to death in the bodies and the mud.


(5) Tormund and Karstark going beard to beard in a battle to the death


(6) When the Knights of the Vale become the champions of Winterfell!


Dog food

And finally - the Bolton chapter in history is closed. The Bolton banners have dropped from the walls of Winterfell and the Dire Wolf flies again. I feel at home! Let's hope that the Starks can retain the North for a while.

I'm also extremely satisfied that (A) Jon got to lay into Ramsey, but (B) Sansa got the final laugh and "kill-shot" that she deserved. This is something I thought might have been saved till next episode. Though it was an incredible way to end an incredible episode.

Next week - Winds of Winter | S06E10

Here's your preview for next weeks finale Game of Thrones episode of the season. It's slightly longer than normal with a run time of approx. 70min.

Do you have any predictions for next week? Drop a comment below.

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