Steam Summer Sale 2016

Steam Summer Sale 2016

It may be winter here in New Zealand, though in a land where Donald Trump could become President - the sun is shinning brighter than ever. And when the sun shines the brightest each year we get the Steam Summer Sale!

Sure you could go straight for the AAA titles (which are priced around 50% off), though there are also a ton of games at 75% off recommended retail price that are worth a look as well. 

So to help ease that burden on your wallet, here are my top five games you can't go wrong with in the Steam Summer Sale. 

Note - You have until 4 July 2016 (PST) to take advantage of the sale.

1 | South Park - The Stick of Truth

$12.48 NZD (Normally $49.95)

A hilarious turn-based RPG that will have you laughing for weeks to come. One of my favourite games of 2014! 

2 | Rocket League

$14.39 NZD (Normally $23.99) 

As a relative new comer to the Rocket League world, this game is highly addictive and a ton of fun. And it's made even better if you play online or locally with friends. 

You're also going to want to pick up that Delorean DLC. Yes, from Back to the Future! 

3 | Shadow of Mordor

$14.99 NZD (Normally $59.99) 

This game was a surprise hit of 2014 for lots of people, myself included. Take the Arkham Knight style of combat and mix it together with Lord of the Rings and you have yourself a Aragon styled Ranger that will be making short-work of any Orcs trying to prevent Frodo achieve his squad goals. 

4 | Spec Ops: The Line

$7.49 NZD (Normally $29.99) 

Spec Ops: The Line is highly rated for it's thought provoking story and morally challenging questions. Combined with fantastic game play and visuals, it's one that you're not going to regret checking out. 

5 | Portal 2

$5.99NZD (Normally $23.99) 

One of the greatest puzzle games ever created. And it stars the voice talent of Mr Stephen Merchant - Say no more!

If you've got any recommendations for the Steam Summer Sale, let me know in the comments below.

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