Animals as humans, what will they think of next... 

I really do love living in a digital age where you can watch the latest releases with a few clicks of a button. Zootopia is available right now digitally on iTunes and on the 29/6 in retail stores.

O.K. so I'm a little late to the party on this movie, though good things take time - and Zooptopia is a very good thing and something I would highly recommend to young and old alike. It really does have something for everyone.   

At first glance you wouldn't be blamed for thinking this is from the creative genius of the Pixar team, though Zootopia was actually made by Disney! You know the guys that have been making animated movies for pretty much longer than anyone else. 

Zootopia features the voice acting talents of Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Idris Elba to name a few and is the story of how Judy Hopps (Goodwin) wants to become the first bunny Police Officer. Zootopia is set in a beautifully brought to life world where predator and prey now live together in harmony, mostly.

Though not all is well in Zootopia. And Judy is given the impossible task of solving a missing person case in 48hrs or she'll lose her job as a Police Officer and have to go back home to her 225 brothers and sisters, and work on the family carrot farm. Rough.


To help with this impossible task Judy makes an an alliance with Nick Wilde (Batman) a fox whose normally used to working on the opposite side of the law.  I won't go into to much more detail as it's a movie that you really should enjoy for yourself before you read about it. Though to help seal the deal if you're still a little unsure, Zootopia draws some of its themes and plot lines from classics like the Godfather and L.A Confidential. So stop reading, and go watch it! Hell, even watch it again. It really is that good.


Like all great animated movies, the film has number of serious messages for us consider. Sure you can just watch the movie with your brain in neutral, though personally I love it when we use a different concept to poke and jab at our own society's behaviours.

Some of the more hard hitting themes of Zooptopia include; 

  • Believing in yourself, even when nobody else does 
  • Advocacy of women's rights and equality of the sexes
  • The impact and effects of racial profiling
  • Despite how advanced civilization becomes, it's still easy to default to old behaviours like stereotyping; and 
  • How the public are ultimately (or literally in this movie) sheep - we frighten easily, develop pack mentalities and lose our individual values. Brexit anyone?

Deep right? Though don't worry - Much like in our current day society these issues are easily swept under the rug (zing) if you just want to watch a very good movie! This will be a classic for years to come and is up there with my favourite all time animated movies. 

I sense a new list coming... 

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