Game of Thrones - S6 Episode 10 Predictions

Game of Thrones - S6 Episode 10 Predictions

Many of the non Game of Thrones followers of Night Gathers will be relieved to know we're up to the final episode of season six this coming week. Though for everyone else it's been a rollercoaster of emotion for the last ten weeks. And the great thing about a rollercoaster of emotion is that it creates some incredible water-cooler conversations!

In one final push towards the final episode of the season, these are my Game of Thrones predictions for episode 10 and beyond. And yes, some of them do contradict each other and I'm double dipping on predictions - though it's my article, so I can have my cake and eat it too.

Potential spoilers ahead - Venture forward at your own risk.


Bran Stark

  • Bran will reveal who Jon Snow's parents are through a flashback, thus revealing his Targaryen heritage.
  • It was also be revealed that Jon Snow & Daenerys are twin brother and sister (TV only twist)

Sansa Stark & Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger)

  • Littlefinger asks for Sansa's hand in marriage as his reward for bringing the Knights of the Vale to the Battle of the Bastards / Winterfell.
  • Sansa is pregnant with Ramsey Bolton's baby - Though drinks Moon-tea to abort the pregnancy. 
  • Sansa kills Littlefinger in the Godswood for betraying her family and whispers the words 'The North remembers'.

Jon Snow & Friends

  • Jon Snow goes to Castle Black to collect Ghost, potentially at the same time Bran arrives at the Wall / Castle Black.
  • Melesandre is killed for killing Shireen Baratheon. She's killed via fire and goes voluntarily as a payment to the Lord of Light.

Daenerys Targaryen

  • Daenerys will leave for Westeros - Army fully loaded into the ships and dragons flying overhead.
  • The Dothraki will get seasick. Though that might be saved for the opening shots of season seven. 

Key players at Kings Landing

  • Loras Tyrell is found guilty for his 'crimes' and killed.
  • Cersei will be found guilty and banished from Kings Landing.
  • Cersei will try to burn the Sept with Wildfire - accidentally killing Tommen in the process.
  • Lancel Lannister will be killed by The Mountain aka Robert Strong.
  • The High Sparrow will survive the season.

Arya Stark 

  • Arya arrives back at Kings Landing. 
  • Arya kills Walder Frey.

Everyone else 

  • Walder Frey kills Jamie Lannister to try and negotiate terms with the Starks.
  • Varys will make a deal with Dorne and the Sand Snakes to join team Targaryen.
  • Brienne and The Hound meet again.
  • Brienne and Pod will be taken to Lady Stoneheart as prisoners of The Brotherhood without Banners.
  • Sam finally makes it to Maester school.

Theories for Season Seven

  • Bran is revealed as the Lord of Light! 
  • Tyrion is revealed as the final Targaryen - The three heads of the dragon being Danny, Jon and Tyrion. 

If even half of these predictions come true we're in for one hell of a final episode of the season!

What are your thoughts on the final episode? Do you agree with anything the Lord of Light has foretold me? Or do you have your own predictions? Let me know in the comments below



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