Game of Thrones - Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones - Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones - Winds of Winter S06E10

This is basically me and Game of Thrones predictions right now. I looked to the Lord of Light for guidance and she delivered! #NeverLookBackOnExplosions 


Damn it - I'm going to have to look back! It's basically the premise of this post. You win this time Reynolds. 

In Saturday's prediction-post I made a number of calls regarding the final episode of season of six of Game of Thrones. And though not all of the predictions landed, a pretty good chunk of them did. To name a few :

  • Loras Tyrell is found guilty for his 'crimes' and killed.
  • Bran will reveal who Jon Snow's parents are through a flashback, thus revealing his Targaryen heritage.
  • Littlefinger asks for Sansa's hand in marriage as his reward for bringing the Knights of the Vale to the Battle of the Bastards / Winterfell.
  • Cersei will try to burn the Sept with Wildfire - accidentally killing Tommen in the process.
  • Varys will make a deal with Dorne and the Sand Snakes to join team Targaryen.
  • Sam finally makes it to Maester school.
  • Arya kills Walder Frey.
  • Daenerys will leave for Westeros - Army fully loaded into the ships and dragons flying overhead.

Winds of Winter 

Anyway, enough with being the guy that doesn't look back at explosions. What an incredible end to the season! I can't believe episode 10 went toe-to-toe with episode 9 on the epic scale. 

I really did come into this episode thinking it was going to be largely setting us up for next season. Though episode 10 came out of the gate swinging and didn't stop for 70 minutes.

Let's break down the awesome!

A Lannister always pays her debt 

Tonight I cheered, or perhaps roared for House Lannister. It's the Slytherin in me.

Cersei is the O.G. of Kings Landing. She's the villain and anti-hero that I love to love. From the moment she donned her Lady GaGa-esk black dress and silver shoulder pads it was business time. 


Cersei's calculating destruction of the Sept of Baelor was brilliantly executed. Right down to the candle count down timer in the wildfire and the orchestral score in the background. 

Not only did Cersei take care of The High Sparrow and his Faith Militants, but she also managed to take out most of the Tyrell power base. The current Hand of the King - Kevin Lannister and number of other high born people who have all but turned their backs on Cersei.

Cersei also made sure Grand Maester Pycelle would not be around to either challenge her authority and alert the remaining members of the small council. Another particularly vicious death - though Pycelle has had that death a long time coming.


RIP Loras & Margaery Tyrell


There was definitely something very religious and spiritual about The High Sparrow's demise. You can see in this scene moments before his death, it was like he knew it was over, he literally embraced the flame.


Exit stage left

Despite the villainous role that Cersei often plays - she's always had her children's best interests at heart. And I believe she probably thought she was saving Tommen in the long run. And though I've never been a Tommen fan, you can't help but feel for the kid. He's pretty much been born into one of the worst houses in Westeros (bar the Boltons) and despite being King, he's still ultimately just a pawn in everyone else's game of thrones. RIP Tommen.


In saying this – Cersei dealt with Tommen's death rather systematically. The prophecy about her children has now been realised. And deep down, the satisfaction of finally sitting on the Iron Throne is hers.

Though before this story could truly wrap up till next season, there is one last character that needed to be repaid - The Septa that beat, abused and shammed Cersei during her imprisonment. I dread to think what the Mountain did to her. And as Cersei said, her death isn't going to be quick or over anytime soon.


A girl is no one

You really can't dig too deep into how fast people travel around in Westeros in season six. Arya made it all the way from Bravos to The Twins in one episode! Though who am I to complain. She knocked another name or two off her list tonight.

I think this was a great scene for Arya and it really redeemed her lack of fight scenes with the Waif from episode seven.

I can't wait to see her next moves in season seven. Either way it looks like she is going to be a force to be reckoned with. The big question for me is will she make it to Cersei before anyone else can get to her?


King in the North

I want to see a whole episode dedicated Lyanna Mormont and Olenna Tyrell. They're two of the sassiest and fun characters to watch in the whole of Game of Thrones!


Lyanna Mormont gave another rallying speech about House Stark and the North which ultimately helped rally the North back around House Stark.

For a moment there I thought Jon was going to refuse the offer and defer leadership to Sansa. Though as the cries for King of North increased he became commited to the mob.

The big question from here is what does that mean for Sansa and Littlefinger? Will Jon turn it down? Will he embrace this new opportunity? 


R + L = J 

It's basic guys. Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow. A theory as old as the internet. 

Sure the words may not have been spoken, but all the pieces are there. 

So did Jon Snow just become the most powerful man in Westeros? Someone to unite House Targaryen and House Stark? Daenerys did mention she's looking for love when she arrives in Westeros.

Must be #DTF... Down to fly? 


Bay of Dragons

The story I haven't cared about for five seasons is back! House Targaryen has officially entered the Game of Thrones, and I'm onboard (so to speak).

In just one episode: 

  • Slavers Bay was renamed Bay of Dragons
  • Daario Naharis had his heart broken and was left in charge of Meereen 
  • Tyrion became the the official Hand of the Queen
  • Daenerys (or at least her people) forged alliances with two other major houses - Martell and Tyrell 

And in the biggest news of all! They've officially set sail for Westeros. I think Queen Cersei may have one of the shortest reigns of the show.


If you re-watch this impressive scene of Daenerys' fleet you can see the ships sails represent: 

  • House Targaryen 
  • House Martell 
  • House Tyrell 
  • House Greyjoy

Combined with a full army of Unsullied. A Doth-raki horde and three dragons. An incredible force and allegiance of houses with very little standing in Daenerys' way.

Blowing in the wind

So if the title of this episode is Winds of Winter, there were still a few characters we didn't quite get closure on. Not that I'm complaining as I thought it was an incredible episode. Though it wouldn't be a reflection on the episode if we didn't consider all the key players.

For me personally it left me wondering about: 

  1. The Hound - We just about had a whole episode dedicated to The Hound this season, though we didn't get any closure on his next steps.
  2. Bran Stark - Uncle Benjen dropped him off at the local Weir Tree, though as paraplegic he might as well of dropped him off at Wellington Railway Station and said it's not a long walk to Palmerston North. Uncle Benjen didn't even leave the horse. I would have like to have seen Bran make it to his next official destination. It just doesn't feel safe out there.
  3. Brienne and Pod - The last time we saw these two characters they escaped River Run. Jamie made it all the back to Kings Landing with an army and yet those two are no where to be seen? Maybe they're with the Hound?
  4. Euron Greyjoy - What happened to Euron, did he build his fleet? Is going to find someone new to partner with? I hear the Lannisters are looking for allies?

The long winter ahead

And here we are again. A world without weekly doses of Game of Thrones to dull the pain of our every day lives. It's a long wait till April 2017 for the next season.

For me, I'm giving some thought to going back to season one. Going on the journey all over again. Or at the very least maybe sitting down and binge watching this last season over a couple of nights. Pure joy!

If you're still hungry for more Game of Throne - check out the behind scenes footage from the Winds of Water.

I would love to hear your thoughts on season six of Game of Thrones. 

The struggle is real

The struggle is real