Game of Thrones - The Broken Man

Game of Thrones - The Broken Man

Game of Thrones - The Broken Man S06E07

I thought in Game of Thrones dead was dead. Though lately we've had more characters come back to the show than we've had leave. Stay tuned next week when Ned and Robb Stark reclaim the North... 

Tonights episode was as a slightly slower pace than we're used to, lots of talking, lots of getting ready for the battles ahead. In fact you could almost go as far to say that the only thing happening at speed was Jon and Sansa's whirlwind tour of the North as they tried to rally some Northern allies in their bid to take back Winterfell.

With only three episodes of the season remaining I'm sure we're going to be getting plenty of big story pay-offs in the weeks to come. Particularly around episode 8 / 9. If you remember back to last year - episode 8 in season 5 was the Battle of Hardhome, let's hope episode 8 of season 6 is just as hard hitting.

Tonight I'm going to dig into the three main stories at play

  • The return of the Hound
  • Jon & Sansa's pledge collection, and
  • Arya's first tangle with the Waif

Full spoilers ahead. 

The return of the Hound

So Ian McShane as Brother Ray! Ian McShane is an incredible actor, if you haven't seen the television show Deadwood, I highly recommend you check it out. It's a western, three seasons long, lots of colourful language. Anyway. back to Game of Thrones.

Brother Ray

Brother Ray is a character serving the Faith of the Seven - doing Gods work, as they say. And in his crew of workers he's got Sandor Clegane (aka The Hound) working with him! Though we never got a confirmation of his death, the last time we saw him was when Arya left him to die after his fight with Brienne. 

I'm mixed about this storyline. I love having The Hound back. Though it felt like it took a lot of effort to paint the picture that: 

  • He's turned his back on a life of violence
  • There really are no good people in the world
  • He's allegiance to the faith for the potential Clegane Bowl (Hound vs Mountain) 

It reads like a Rambo movie - His new peaceful life didn't work out, so he's off to seek retribution...  Though the interesting thing about the people that attacked these missionaries (?) is that they were from the Brotherhood without Banners. A group that the Hound has previously fought. And another reference to the Brotherhood without Banners than could mean we get to see there leader - Lady Stoneheart. 

The Hound

Jon & Sansa - Pledge collection

Despite Jon & Sansa's whirlwind tour of the North I really enjoyed the scene with young Lady Mormont - She really put Jon and Sansa through there paces to secure her 62 soldiers. The way she conducted her business and held court was incredible. I especially liked it because most of the houses Jon and Sansa are seaking aid from are old men. This is something new, something Jon and Sansa perhaps thought would be easy. They had to work for those 62 men and I loved it! 

This little exchange between Lady Mormont and Davos was brilliant:

We’re not a large house, we’re a proud one. And everyman from Bear Island fights with the strength of 10 main landers
— Lady Mormont
If they’re half as ferocious as there lady, the Boltons are doomed
— Davos Seaworth

And finally - I'm glad that Sansa has come to her senses before the battle for Winterfell and sent a raven to The Eyrie. With Little Finger's 3000+ men, Jon should command quite the force.

Lady Mormont

Round 1 to the Waif

I feel like Arya was a little cocky this episode - She may have left The Faceless Men, though she's got T-1000 aka The Waif hunting her down. Meanwhile she's strolling around Bravos, throwing money on the table of ship Captains like she's Hamish McDonald buying drinks at Assembly. It's moments like this, that make me wonder if she's ready for what lies ahead for her in Westeros.

Arya Stark

As soon as the old lady spoke to Arya on the bridge I knew it was the Waif. The Waif took a slice at Arya's stomach and stabbed her repeatedly, almost like she was in a prison riot. I was a little worried about the number of stabs Arya initially took though she seems to be ok(ish). 

Imagine that, all this time and investment in her story and she dies on the bridge! 

The question remains with Arya - Will she high tail to Westeros or will she finish her business with the Waif? If I was her I would want to finish what I started with the Waif, otherwise she's going to turn up again when you least expect it!

Next week - No One | S06E08

Check out the preview for episode 8. By the looks of it, the Mountain may finally be unleashed upon the Faith.

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