Overwatch - Best Legendary Skins

Overwatch - Best Legendary Skins

This past weekend I've played a lot of Overwatch. Like an unhealthy amount, a lot! And between every match I drool over the legendary skins while I wonder what one I might choose first...

Of the currently available 21 characters I've chosen my current favorite legendary skin for every character. In no particular order these are my favourites:   

How to acquire legendary skins

When it comes to acquiring legendary skins you pretty much have three options: 

  1. Hope you get one in the level-up loot boxes
  2. Save up enough in-game currency to buy one for 1000 credits
  3. Buy loot boxes with real word money with the hope that the box either drops a legendary skin or drops enough in-game currency to buy the one of your choosing

Who will be my first skin?

All of this talking about skins is quite creepy. Apologies in advance for this GIF... 


Back on track! 

My current favorite characters to play are normally Pharrah and Mercy. So I'm picking either the Thunderbird or Devil skins will be my first purchase when I finally crack the magical 1000 credits.


If you're looking for a full overview of all the skins available check out the Overwatch Wiki.

Also if you're an Overwatch Fan - Two questions for you: Whose your favorite character to play, and what's your favorite skin for them?

See you on the battlefield! 

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