Game of Thrones - A Telltale Game Series

Are you still looking to scratch that post season six Game of Thrones itch? I just might have something for you... It's a Telltale Game Series based on Game of Thrones. 

If you haven't played a Telltale game before, they're basically "pick-a-path" adventure stories (just like when you were a kid), though it's much harder to look ahead in these ones. 

Generally in these Telltale games you're more 'along for the ride' than you are for the gameplay. They're perfect for anyone who doesn't enjoy intense gaming or might be worried about too many buttons or coordination issues. Though if you're about Game of Thrones and you're about story, this could be the one for you. 


This isn't Telltale's first adventure game series - they've actually got a number of other series available including; Walking Dead, Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft etc.

What makes these games unique is the fact that these stories are normally episodic, meaning that when a chapter is released, which is normally about 2 hours long, you have to wait a couple of months for the next chapter. Thankfully in this case, Game of Thrones has already been out for a while so all six episodes are available for download right now.

The story

Rather than trying to retread events from the Song of Ice and Fire book series that the show has already covered, Telltale's Game of Thrones focuses on a totally original (but Martin-approved) cast of characters and story.

This story focuses specifically on the fallout of the infamous Red Wedding from the perspective of House Forrester, a little-known family that hasn’t made an appearance in the show but is mentioned briefly in the books.

All the Forrester's can do in the aftermath of the Red Wedding is desperately try to stay afloat against the currents of change. Even if their fate is but a minor blip on the Westeros radar, their tale is still a harrowing one as rival House Whitehill attempts to use the event to seize control of the lucrative ironwood trade and wipe out the Forresters for good.

Over the course of six episodes, you’ll play as several different members of the Forrester clan as each tries to do their part to keep the family alive. Some are short-lived affairs as a swift death comes by surprise and a replacement Forrester is brought in to fill the gap. Even if who lives and who dies is ultimately set in stone and unaffected by your decisions, in the moment you’re never quite sure whether a given character will make it through to see the next episode. Encounters with infamous characters from the show like Ramsay Snow and Cersei Lannister can be genuinely nerve-wracking as a result.



The other great news is that Telltale releases their games on all the major platforms, so if you're interested you can play this on anything from your mobile, tablet, PlayStation, Xbox or PC. 

At the moment you can pick it up in the Steam Summer Sale for $8.99 (all six episodes) instead of the normal price of $35.99. If you're looking to play this on mobile or tablet you can normally get the first episode free - just to see if this for you.


I'll cut to the chase, is this a good game - meh. Is it a great story - hell yes!

If you look around the interwebs Telltales, the Game of Thrones series gets a hard time for not having enough game play and diversity of conversations options. Though don't go into this thinking about it as a game, think of it as your opportunity to interact with a Game of Thrones universe. An opportunity to see another 10 - 12hrs of Game of Thrones story.


The game does a fantastic job of bringing to life the impact of war in Westeros. And more specifically how every house, big and small is fighting for something. There'll be times where your genuinely scared of the consequences of your latest decision.

Just remember, when you play the Game of Thrones you either win or you die.

I've just played through all six episodes this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.