10 Best Game of Thrones Episodes

Well that may have been the most anticlimactic Monday I've had in a while. It's amazing how one television show really brightens up your week... which is weird to say considering how gloomy Game of Thrones can actually be.

Maybe that says a lot more about the lack of adventure in my life, more than anything else.

Anyway, in the early hours of Tuesday morning I had a dream about my favourite Game of Thrones episodes. And when I released I had quite a few favourites, I thought it would probably make a pretty good article. That's right, I'm starting to dream content!

Warning - Full spoilers ahead across all six season of Game of Thrones.

These are my 10 best Game of Thrones episodes up until the end of season six: 

10 | Baelor - Season 1 (Ep 9)

It was awesome, because: 

  • Ned is accused of high treason
  • Catelyn negotiates with Walder Frey for the use of a strategic river crossing
  • Robb fights his first battle in the war against the Lannisters

9 | And now his watch has ended - Season 3 (Ep 4) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • The Nights Watch skirmish with Craster and the Nights Watch desserters 
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz being burnt by Drogon at Daenerys command

8 | The Dance of Dragons - Season 5 (Ep 9) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • Stannis sacrifices his daughter to the Lord of Light (not actually awesome) 
  • The Sandsnakes torment Bronn in his prison cell
  • Arya kills Ser Meryn Trant 
  • Jorah and Tyrion enter the fighting pits
  • The Sons of the Harpy attack Daenerys - Drogon burns them all!

7 | The Lion & The Rose - Season 4 (Ep 2)

It was awesome, because: 

  • Bran wargs into Summer (his Dire Wolf)
  • Bronn teaches Jaime how to fight with his left hand
  • Joffrey eats his final piece of pie
  • Tyrion is accused of Joffrey's murder

6 | Blackwater - Season 2 (Ep 9) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • Tyrion's plan to save Kings Landing with wildfire is realised
  • Cersei offers protection for ladies of the court 
  • Stannis puts up a valiant effort to take Kings Landing
  • Joffrey retreats from the battle like a true coward 
  • The Tyrell's join the Lannisters and save Kings Landing from attack

5 | The Mountain & The Viper - Season 4 (Ep 8) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • Oberyn Martells confidence and speech about his debt with the Mountain 
  • The fight scene between the Mountain and Oberyn (The Viper)
  • The unexpected death of Oberyn Martell 

4 | The Rains of Castamere - Season 3 (Ep 9) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • Edmure's wedding wasn't boring 
  • The shocking death of Rob, his wife and Catalyn Stark
  • Arya and the Hound arriving at The Twins

3 | Hardhome - Season 5 (Ep 8) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • Daenerys exiles Jorah 
  • Jon kills a White Walker with his valyrian sword (Longclaw)
  • The Nights King raises an army of dead
  • The stand-off between The Nights King and Jon 

2 | Winds of Winter - Season 6 (Ep 10) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • The chilling orchestral music at the start of the episode 
  • The destruction of the Sept
  • The death of the High Sparrow 
  • Tommen choosing to take his own life - exit stage left
  • Varys making plans with the Tyrells and Dorne
  • Jon being crowned King in the North
  • Daenerys finally leaving for Westeros

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1 | Battle of the Bastards - Season 6 (Ep 9) 

It was awesome, because: 

  • Ramsey vs Jon
  • The large battle scenes 
  • Jon's look of defeat when he's surrounded 
  • The Knights of the Vale coming to the aid of Sansa
  • Sansa killing Ramsey with his own dogs 

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Those are my 10 best Game of Throne episodes over the last six seasons. Have you got a top 10 favourite episodes? Or maybe an episode that should be on the list that I didn't include. Let me know in the comments below.