iPhone 7 Rumours

iPhone 7 Rumours

Every year the internet goes a little crazy about all of the new features the latest iPhone may or may not be sporting. Most of the rumours turn out to be far from the truth and largely impractical from a design perspective  (though when was being practical on the internet ever fun?).

The engineering department at Night Gathers has been pouring over the rumours of the iPhone 7 and has separated fact from fiction so that you can start thinking about whether an upgrade is right for you. Here's what we think you will and won't find on the new iPhone 7.

Highly Likely

I'd bet ravens from the Night Gathers rookery on these six features being included in the iPhone 7: 

  1. Flush, pressure-sensitive home button
  2. Dual-lens camera for the iPhone 7 Plus
  3. Redesigned antenna bands
  4. Upgraded processor (A10 Chip) 
  5. Duel speakers
  6. Removal of the headphone jack

Now for the sad news...it's probably going to look largely the same. Here's a mocked up design which is floating around the internet at the moment.


Probably not

These rumours are the ones we can't quite see materialising for this release:

  1. A new fifth colour variant - Blue
  2. OLED display
  3. iPhone 7 Pro model (which would be a third model)

So where do my headphones go?


The 3.5mm headphone jack has been around since the day of the Sony Walkman (1979). If anything is 'old tech' on phones, it's 3.5mm jacks. It takes up a lot of valuable space internally and ultimately dictates the thickness of a phone. 

So how will you connect your headphones? 

  • Through blue-tooth headphones which may or may not be included. I'd expect not. Apple is rumoured to also be developing wireless bluetooth earbuds.
  • Through the lightning port which means you'll need a special adaptor to use you current headphones. Surprise, surprise, this is also rumoured to be in development. 

When can you get one? 

The iPhone 6S was announced on the 9 September 2015. Apple historically releases new hardware around the same time each year so hopefully we'll be getting an official announcement in early September. With units available in store (probably not in New Zealand) in mid/late September 2016.

So Night Gathers readers, is this the iPhone for you? And what's the new feature that you're most excited about? 

Author: @daniel_whiting

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