2000AD vs. an impressionable young mind

My first introduction to 2000AD was in 1983 when one of the older kids who lived next door brought over about 50 mainly 2000AD but also a few ‘Eagle’ and ‘Tiger’ comics as well. Talk about hitting the jack-pot for a 6 year old! The 2000AD comics in particular were like nothing I had ever read. Forget Asterix and Obelix - this had killer robots, fascist cops, mutant bounty hunters and bloodthirsty barbarians.


2000AD had a big impact on my young self. I was exposed to satire, violence, political intrigue and cutting humour. I was also inspired by the amazing artwork and started to draw my own comic characters and illustrations. As a British-based publication it conveyed an outlook and cultural references that has made me a bit of a ‘Anglo-phile’ when it comes to the media I enjoy most.

Once I started subscribing to 2000AD, I began one of my most cherished rituals. This involved the weekly pilgrimage to the local bookstore to pick-up the latest issue - $1.50 and wrapped lovingly in brown paper (there may have been the odd 50c mixture and pack of sherbet thrown in as well). Talk about a contrast to today’s media binging and on-tap consumption. I had to wait a whole week for the next issue and would end up reading it 20 times!

Recently I have taken a couple of trips to a local comic book store and am glad to see that 2000AD is still going strong. There were a whole stack of hard cover compendiums of Judge Dredd, A.B.C. Warriors and Slaine and I have been sorely tempted to put a large dent in my Credit Card.

2000AD was one of the most influential comics of its time and introduced a complexity and maturity in its content that shook the whole industry (‘Future Shock! The story of 2000AD’ is a really interesting documentary about how 2000AD shaped the comic industry and well worth a view). You may have noticed I haven’t yet discussed any of the stories in any great detail and that’s intentional...

Author: Logan Westwater - follow me on Twitter @WestwaterLogan

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