Bloodline – Everybody has secrets

Everybody has secrets and you better make sure that the wrong person doesn’t find out about them…

I’m just finishing up Season 1 of Bloodline on Netflix and after a slow-burn start it’s now well and truly on fire. This show is set in the Florida Keys (a.k.a. paradise) and is based around the Rayburn family and their boutique hotel setup by the parents, Robert and Sally. Everything is ticking-along nicely in paradise until one day the ‘black sheep’ brother, Danny (Aussie actor Ben Mendolsohn knocks this role out of the park) returns and everything starts to fall apart as individual and family secrets start to surface.

The interplay and tension between Danny and his siblings, and in particular John (another outstanding performance from Kyle Chandler) a local cop trying to hold the family together, is riveting. The personality flaws of the other siblings (Meg a lawyer and Kevin who runs the local boat yard) are on show or brutally exploited by Danny for his own ends. Even Sally (the mom played by Sissy ‘bucket o’ blood’ Spacek) does not escape Danny’s attentions.

This show beautifully illustrates what happens when family skeletons come out of the closet and everything starts to implode. It’s a dark, gut-wrenching and addictive viewing.

Check out Season 1 & 2 on Netflix right now.


Author: Logan Westwater - follow me on Twitter @WestwaterLogan

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