Bad Moms - Review

Bad Moms - Review

The basic premise of Bad Moms is that we live in a world where everyone expects you to be a perfect Mom (i'm going to stick with the American spelling here). Mila Kunis has had enough, she's going rogue. She's going 'Bad Mom'. No more will she fetch after her cheating husband, work extra hours at a job she hates, do the kids home work and basically look after everyone except herself.

Going into Bad Moms I had my expectations set to 'neutral'. And for that reason I actually think I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I probably should have. 

What really works about Bad Moms is the occasional crass joke and often hilarious and clearly improvised scenes by Mila Kunis's co-stars Kathryn Hayn and Kristen Bell.


Where Bad Moms doesn't work, is with it's predictable and lazy story. It does nothing new in the comedy genre and at times often feels a little schizophrenic. Flicking between hilarious sketch scenes and serious message about the unrealistic pressures parents place on themselves and others.

Due to the arrogance that's bestowed upon me for (A) having no children and (B) being male, I was able to ignore the serious parental messages about 'the struggle' and just have a good time watching an O.K. movie.

If you're interested in a light-hearted, occasionally funny, mostly enjoyable movie then by all means check out Bad Moms. If you're an actual 'Real Mom' and only get to head out to the movies once every leap year maybe hold off until this appears in your Netflix queue.

Bad Moms is enjoyable but largely forgettable comedy. And to be fair, it's a soft three at best.

[+] Ravens

  • Awesome female cast, especially Kathryn Hayn! 
  • Great on- liners and pop culture references e.g. everyone took two weeks of work when Jon Snow died
  • Fun soundtrack that forces you to have fun

[-] Ravens

  • Flipflops between serious message and edgy comedy, never quite finding it's feet as either

Author: @daniel_whiting

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