Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Quick look

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Quick look

Nope, you haven't spent the last year in a coma. Samsung has skipped the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and gone straight to the Galaxy Note 7. Though regardless of numbering, if you're looking for a new phone this might be one that you want to check out.

From what I'm able to ascertain, the Galaxy Note 7 is going to bring the Note range into line with the Galaxy S line-up and numbering. We already have a Samsung Galaxy S7, so it kinda makes sense that we have a Galaxy Note 7 to match. The world is in-sync again.

Early reports coming in from around the internet are calling this phone the perfect Galaxy S / Note hybrid, and from what I've seen I don't think they're wrong. The Galaxy Note 7 takes all the best components from each phone and brings us what maybe the best Samsung Note yet. 

You have the beautiful curved edges of the Galaxy S7 Edge, while getting the slightly larger display and screen size of the Galaxy Note, plus you have the added functionality of the built-in stylus.


To help you decide if this might be your next upgrade, I've pulled together a list of the 10 best features you can find on a new Galaxy Note 7.

10 of the best features on the new Galaxy Note 7

  1. Iris Scanner - are you tired of using your finger print to unlock your phone? Now you can use your eyes. Welcome to the future. 
  2. The S-Pen - now you can no longer put the S-Pen in backwards or the wrong way around. This was a common way to not only damage your S-Pen but it was also known to damage the internals of your phone. Secondly, the S-Pen now has a much smaller 0.7mm tip for greater precision in note writing and drawing.
  3. Completely sealed - just like the Galaxy S7 and earlier versions, the Galaxy Note 7 is water and dust resistant, including the S-Pen port.
  4. GiF Maker - a new quick feature is available when you eject the S-Pen to select an area on your screen and make an instant GiF. It doesn't sound like much though I can think of lots of great opportunities when watching Netflix.
  5. Wireless charging - just like Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 7 also supports wireless charging. Having a wireless charger is perfect to leave on your desk at the office to ensure you're always rocking maximum battery. 
  6. USB-C - Samsung's first phone with USB-C charging. Not only does this make charging faster, eventually as more devices shift to USB-C it should make the dreaded hunt for the right USB cable slightly less challenging. The other great USB-C feature is that there no wrong way to plug it in. Finally!
  7. Screen & Resolution - another super crispy and sharp screen - 5.7" 1440x2560 display.
  8. Camera - a 5MP front camera and 12MP rear camera with a f1.7lens - This is the exact same camera as the Galaxy S7. Thats not a bad thing as it's an excellent camera.
  9. More Memory - micro SD expansion expandable up to 256GB.
  10. 3500mAh Battery - the largest Note battery to date. 

Colour Range 

The Note 7 will be available in 4 colours: 

  • Black Onyx 
  • Blue Coral
  • Gold Platinum
  • Silver Titanium

So what do you think? Is this the phone for you?

For me personally - If the iPhone 7 doesn't have a duel camera option on one of the models this may very well by next phone! I've lusted after the Galaxy S7 in Silver Titanium for a while, and this phone has more than enough features to make me consider the switch.

For more information check out | Due in store on the 19 August 2016. 

Author: @daniel_whiting

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