Children of Arkham - Review

Children of Arkham - Review

Batman: The Telltale Series | Children of Arkham (Episode 2) - Spoiler free review

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed! We're suiting up as Batman/Bruce Wayne for episode two of Telltale's Batman game: Children of Arkham! 

If you haven't started playing this series then I highly recommend you lock yourself away in your Bat Cave for a couple of hours and get started. We reviewed episode one a few months back and gave it 4 / 5 Ravens. Episode two is shaping up to be just as good if not better! 

So go on, treat yourself - you deserve nice things.


If episode one is all about setting you up as a billionaire play-boy/socialite/emerging vigilante,  then episode two is about connecting all of those threads together and making you accountable for the decisions you've made as both Bruce and Batman.

Initially when episode two first kicked-off I felt a little frustrated, mostly because I'm fatigued with the 'my parents were shot in an alleyway' story. Thankfully, what Telltale is doing is to take a bunch of canon Batman lore and add some really fun and often dark twists to the story. It's not long before your back in the saddle searching for answers to try and keep Gotham safe.

What's also working extremely well is getting to play the same character as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. You might think playing Bruce Wayne is a little dull compared to Batman, but my Bruce Wayne is a real bad-ass. I wont go into too many details but...there is an incredible fight scene that goes down in a bar where Bruce shows us you don't need the cape to be a hero.


Along with great fight scenes and excellent story telling, Telltale is doing a great job at establishing core villains with interesting back stories for Batman fans both new and old. Children of Arkham is a fantastic follow-up to Realm of Shadows and easily shaping up to be one of the great Telltale adventures.

Episode three will be titled: New World Order, but an official release date has yet to be confirmed. My guess is that we can expect the next installment to land some time in early November 2016.

All of this Batman talk is making me want to watch the Dark Knight series all over again!

What starts out a little slow very quickly turns into an epic second installment in Telltale's Batman story - Children of Arkham.

[+] Ravens

  • That fight scene in the bar!
  • Deciding whether to tackle problems as Bruce Wayne or Batman
  • Partnering up with Cat Woman 
  • The fresh take on Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

[-] Ravens

  • A little slow in the first two chapters
  • I'm tired of the story around Bruce Wayne's parents being murdered in an alleyway
  • A little shorter than episode one, approx 1.5hrs long

Author: @daniel_whiting

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