Bone Tomahawk - Review

Bone Tomahawk - Review

When you can grow the type of moustache that Kurt Russell can, you're pretty much born to play the role of bad-ass cowboy. And over the last 12 months Kurt Russell has done just that - twice! In October 2015 he played Sheriff Hunt in Bone Tomahawk (left image), then in January 2016 he played John Ruth in The Hateful Eight (right image)... 


Notice anything similar? That moustache - 5 Ravens.

I'm not sure if it was the proximity of these movies coming out, the fact that Kurt Russell looks like a similar character in both movies or just my own lack of awareness. But up until about 72 hours ago I had no idea Bone Tomahawk was (A) a movie I needed to see and (B) it was going to be in my top 5 westerns off all time! 

The basic premise of Bone Tomahawk follows a small posse of men (Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox and Richard Jenkins) as they ride in search of a young kidnapped Doctor (played by Lili Simmons).

The movie is set in the hard frontier of America in the 1800's where danger is around every corner. In fact a quote from the movie perfectly sums up where the highest levels of danger can be found:

This is why frontier life is so difficult. Not because of the Indians or the elements, but because of the idiots.

What Bone Tomahawk does really well is introduce you to a small cast of characters that you can't help but want to know more about. A great example of this is Matthew Fox's character Brooder, who is equal parts charm, mystery and a giver of zero f*cks. Brooder is such a great character that I almost want to see a prequel just about him. This is all further amplified with some excellent cowboy banter and comradery as they follow the trail in search of the young Doctor. 

Bone Tomahawk also features one of the most brutal death scenes I have ever seen in a movie. And I feel like I'm well into that category of "nothing really shocks me anymore" on television or movies. In fact it was so bad (as in horribly graphic) that it's still haunting several days after watching the movie (but I'll save the gory details for your viewing pleasure).

I think what I liked most about Bone Tomahawk is that I went in expecting nothing and came away with everything! It leaves you with a few unanswered questions and maybe takes a little while to get going (like most westerns), though once your in the saddle it's a hell of a ride.

If you're a western fan and want to see something a little different then I highly recommend checking this one out!

I'd never heard of Bone Tomahawk until I stumbled upon it in the iTunes store. If you're a fan of dark westerns (presuming that's a genre), do yourself a favour and watch this one asap!

[+] Ravens 

  • Kurt Russell was born to play a cowboy (i.e. Tombstone, Hateful Eight) 
  • Matthew Fox's character 'Brooder' is both charming and fascinating. A character that almost needs his own origin movie
  • Though the film is pretty gritty at times it adds good doses of humour and cowboy banter 

[-] Ravens

  • Leaves you with a few unanswered questions and wanting more
  • Slightly too long at the start and then feels to short at the end #TWSS

Author: @daniel_whiting

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