iPhone 7 - Live reaction

When a giant Apple symbol shines into the sky saying "See you on the 7th" - you can rest-assured that the tech team at Night Gathers is ready to respond!

The bad news (for us) is that the 7th is actually the 8th in New Zealand and 10:00am PDT is 05:00am... although when did a little lack of sleep hurt anyone?

Join us as we react live to Apple's special announcement(s).

New Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus - Confirmed! 

New Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus - Confirmed! 

Live updates

  • 4.50am - Why the f##k did I think waking up this early was a good idea? Who even reads NightGathers.com?
  • 4.58am - Everyone is asked to be seated... it's almost time.
  • 5.00am - Opens with Tim Cook in the car with James Gordon (Car Pool Karaoke style). I'm cringing a little...
  • 5.04am - Tim takes the stage - opens with a cringey 'Car Pool Karaoke' and jokes about loosing his voice.
  • 5.05am - Apple Music now has 17 million subscribers
  • 5.08am - 140 bIllion apps downloaded from the App Store. 500,000 games in the App Store
  • 5.09am - HOLY CRAP! Mario is coming to the App store via Apple! This will launch with a new game called Super Mario Run. This will launch in late 2016. Pricing TBC.
  • 5.19am - Apple Education is helping kids learn to code #EveryoneCanCode
  • 5.22am - iWork will now support real-time collaboration... like Google has been doing for years. I'm 90% sure the woman presenting this information learnt to talk via Siri.
  • 5.24am - Tim Cook wants to shift the focus of this presentation to new products. He kicks it off with an AppleWatch announcement.
  • 5.25am - AppleWatch is the number 2 watch brand in the world, just below Rolex.
  • 5.30am - PokemonGo is going to work with the AppleWatch - Meh. Even worse, it's not out until the end of the year.
  • 5.34am - NEW AppleWatch announced - looks exactly the same which is unfortunate in my opinion. It's called AppleWatch Series Two.
  • 5.35am - The new AppleWatch will be waterproof to 50m. It's also been completely overhauled internally. It has the brightest screen ever shipped on an Apple product. AppleWatch will also support GPS without using your smartphone which is perfect for fitness related activities (apparently).
  • 5.44am - Now you have my attention AppleWatch - the white ceramic model! 
  • 5.46am - AppleWatch partners with Nike to develop better tools for runners. Introducing a new Frankenstein... AppleWatch Nike+ 
  • 5.53am - AppleWatch 2 - 16 September 2016. AppleWatch 2 Nike+ - October 2016 
  • 5.54am - Finally, we're on to the iPhone! 
  • 5.55am - 1 Billion iPhones sold worldwide
  • 5.56am - iOS10 new features announced - as a beta user, I can confirm. It's great!
  • 5.58am - iPhone 7 is the best iPhone they've designed yet... you would hope so!
  • 5.59am - Johnny Ives gets to introduce the new model... via video (naturally)
  • 6.00am - New Piano Black model confirmed. Duel cameras confirmed.
  • 6.02am - iPhone 7 new features, include: 
  1. New design, including two new colours - Jet black and black.
  2. New home button.
  3. Water and dust resistant.
  4. Completely new 12MP camera, including camera stabilisation. Includes new flash design. You can now capture in RAW format. 7MP front-facing camera.
  5. iPhone 7 Plus will feature dual cameras. One at 28mm, the other at 56mm. Bokeh party! Retina HD display. 25% brighter than the iPhone 6S. 3D touch. 
  6. Stereo speakers that are 2 x louder than the iPhone 6S.
  7. Removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack confirmed. Headphones now connect through the lightning port. Updated headphones included in the box. Apple will also include a 3.5mm to Lightning adaptor with every iPhone 7 sold.
  8. Wireless Apple EarPods will be available as an accessory (not sure I would include this as a feature...). Although the way they pair with your iPhone is pretty snazzy. They have an approx 5hr run time and can charge within the case. 
  9. ApplePay improvements - here's hoping we get ApplePay in New Zealand one day soon
  10. Overall performance and hardware upgrades. Including A10 Fusion chips - apparently making it the fastest smartphone on the market.
  • 6.21am - Ian Spalter, Head of Instagram talks up how great the iPhone camera is, especially paired with Instagram and there new story mode. New Instagram colour pop filter.
  • 6.27am - 3.5mm headphone jacks confirmed as old tech that take up too much internal space
  • 6.30am - Wireless Apple EarPods announced and confirmed
  • 6.36am - A10 Fusion chips will power the iPhone 7. This is 120x faster than the first iPhone.
  • 6.40am - Stereo sound,better graphics and the A10 Fusion chip will take smartphone gaming to the next level... 
  • 6.42am - Battery life in the iPhone 7 is improved by 2hrs compared to the iPhone 6
  • 6.46am - New range of accessories including cases, charging docs, 
  • 6.47am - Model sizes include - 32GB, 128GB & 256GB
  • 6.47am - Pricing will be exactly the same as the iPhone 6S
  • 6.49am - iPhone 7 will ship 16 September 2016! Including NEW ZEALAND!
  • 6.52am - Tim Cook thanks everyone for all their hard work.
  • 6.53am - Sia takes to the stage to perform live. I can see her face? Weird. Is this a live face reveal? Who cares. iPhone 7 Plus! Boom. 


  • Nintendo & Apple are bringing Mario to the App Store with a new game called Super Mario Run.
  • New AppleWatch announced. Key updates include, waterproof to 50m. Completely redesigned internally. Visually looks the same.
  • iPhone 7 confirmed. Two new colours Jet Black and Black.
  • iPhone 7 Plus will feature duel cameras (SOLD!). iPhone 7 will only feature one camera. Though it will still have major upgrades.
  • Wireless EarPods confirmed.
  • iPhone 7 storage sizes include - 32GB, 128GB & 256GB
  • iPhone 7 pricing will be exactly the same as the iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 7 will ship on the 16 September 2016! Including NEW ZEALAND!

Great conference Apple.

What do you think of the new iPhone 7, AppleWatch Series Two and other announcements? 

Author: @daniel_whiting

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