Blade Runner 2049 - NG Reacts

Blade Runner 2049 - NG Reacts

Three old model replicants more than overdue for termination drop some thoughts on the latest Blade Runner 2049 flick. But first, lets baseline: 

... Feel that in your body. The system.

What does it feel like to be part of the system. System.

Is there anything in your body that wants to resist the system? System.

Do you get pleasure out of being a part of the system? System.

Have they created you to be a part of the system? System.

Is there security in being a part of the system? System.

Is there a sound that comes with the system? System.

... close enough... 

Most memorable scene?


Logan | One of the scenes which really blew me away was the crash landing into the giant rusting scrapyard outside of the city limits. The detail was so incredible I had to make a mental check that my tetanus shots were up to date.

Daniel | The shootout between Deckard and K in the Vegas nightclub - The atmosphere, the sound, the lighting. Incredible.

Paul | K arriving into the ruins of Las Vegas and entering the building to find Deckard. The scene is beautifully paced and the quietness of it is in stark contrast to the preceding scenes. Beautifully paced with some great opening exchanges between the two characters.

Do you need to see the original first?


Logan | You could easily get away with not seeing the original and still appreciating the film. It has made me want to re-watch the original to pick-up on some of the references sprinkled through the film.

Daniel | I’ve never watched the original. I feel like I’ve tried to start it several times in my life, but for one reason or another I’ve never made it past the first 30 minutes. Though in saying that, it’s probably been at least 15 years since I last tried. I think this was mostly due to my previous Harrison Ford experiences being either Indiana Jones or Han Solo. And Blade Runner is neither of those things.

Because of these experiences, I actually went into Blade Runner 2049 with zero expectations, and a real, take it or leave attitude. So as someone who didn’t see the original and loved the seqel, I don’t think it’s critical to see the first movie. If anything, I’m now more ready than ever to see the original.

Paul | It’s not absolutely necessary, but I’d say the impact of some moments are lost without the context. For example, seeing Rachael appear on screen, appearing exactly as she did in the 1982 classic was amazing.  Sean Young reprising that role and having her face de-aged is some of the best CGI I’ve seen, she just appeared identical (although as Deckard noted, the real Rachael had green eyes).  If you haven’t seen the original, I’d say there would be no real impact; Harrison Ford’s reaction to Rachael really sells this scene. There was also some nostalgia for the Vangelis-inspired soundtrack, the recreation of the feel of the world and seeing the evolution of the vehicles from the original is great.

And the Oscar goes to…


Logan | I think Ryan Gosling was perfectly cast due to his limited emotional range but Sylvia Hoeks who played the menacing replicant ‘Luv’ took the cake for me. A disturbing mix of controlled violence and emotional sensitivity. Very ‘Terminator-esque’.

Daniel | I 100% agree with Logan. Luv, played by former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista was amazing! I think this type of role really speaks to his acting chops. “Controlled violence and emotional sensitivity” perfectly sums up the brief that Dave delivered. Great to see all those years in the ring really paying there dues.

Paul | Ryan Gosling. His portrayal of K was immaculate and enabled his character to instantly fit into this universe. His best role since Fracture in my opinion. I really also want to give a shout out to Edward James Olmos here too; his reprisal of Gaff, aged and living in a retirement home was genuinely well done and, unlike many movie cameos, was not forced in the slightest.

You should see this movie if you like…


Logan | Science fiction films that leave you feeling unsettled about what the future may hold. So many different ‘buttons are pushed’ e.g. the place of AI in our society/human rights, how we treat the environment, the role of technology and our dependence on it….

Daniel | If you like the movie going experience to extend beyond the time spent in front of the screen, this movie is for you. I’d almost compare this type of movie to the Black Mirror T.V. series. It really does leave you thinking about the world we’re racing to create for ourselves.

Paul | If you like not seeing the typical Hollywood-esque sci-fi film. 2049 is bleak, depressing and there’s not many feel good moments.  It’s perfect for a long, lazy Sunday afternoon at home with the curtains shut.

Overall thoughts


Logan | It was well paced with just the right amount of action. Amazing detail and mind-blowing images of a brutal future. 90%

Daniel | The most thought provoking movie I’ve seen in a long time! It’s destined to become a cult classic for years to come. 95%

Paul | It’s a more than worthy sequel. Visually immense and with a soundscape that literally attacks your ears at times, it’s a really incredible experience.  A little drawn out at times, but the final third act really brings it home. Great sci-fi. 85%


Lead author: @WestwaterLogan

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