Stranger Things S2 - NG Reacts

Stranger Things S2 - NG Reacts

We're taking a break from fighting demigorgons and rolling dice to bring you our latest thoughts and reactions to Stranger Things season 2! 


Favourite scene and why?

Dan | Steve giving Dustin hair advice. Incredible:

  • Step 1: “Fabergé Organics. Use the shampoo and conditioner.”
  • Step 2: “And when your hair is damp — it’s not wet, okay? it’s damp — do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.”

George | Anything involving Dustin and Steve. They really are the dream team. When all the stuff with Dart was going on I was worried about Dustin becoming a bit of a caricature but the relationship that bloomed between Steve and Dusty extended the characters and created some lovely banter between the two.

Logan | It was a tie between the big-hair basketball showdown between Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove and  when Dustin arrived at the school ball looking like Lionel Ritchie. Just gotta love the ‘80s.


Favourite character and why?

Dan | I'm going to go with Will Byers. Will got the least amount of airtime in season one due to his unfortunate incident with the upside-down. In season two Will was almost the Eleven of the show in terms of his acting abilities. Noah Schnapp’s acting and depth of character if definitely in the award winning category.

George | I was worried that he'd just be playing an analog to Matthew Modine’s character but I really liked where they took Paul Reiser’s Doctor Owens. He acted like a real scientist in the sense that he responded to the evidence in front of him. Rather than continuing to tow the government line, he got on board with the good guys when things started to get out of control.

Logan | Since Dustin is probably right up there for most people I’m going for Steve Harrington. He was great this season - the baseball bat, the babysitting, the beating (he received). Some great comedy moments and immaculate 80’s hair. 


Best 80’s reference

Dan | There are so many to choose from it’s almost an article in itself. I’m going to go with the scene where Eleven is dressed as a ghost and asks Hopper to go trick-a-treating. It’s a great homage to the 80s classic E.T. 

George | Has to be Hopper going back for his hat a la Indiana Jones. Also just a general shout out to the great 80s soundtrack especially the use of Whip It by Devo in Episode 1.

Logan | The basketball scenes were pure ‘Teen Wolf’ and anytime they were walking down a railway line was ‘Stand by me’. How about Joyce Byers trying to put the tape from the video camera into the VCR? Or Bob the brain with his mastery of Basic programming? 


Did it live up to the hype and rating

Dan | Going into season two I was definitely a little worried about how a sleeper hit of 2016 could live up to the hype once again. Though I’m more than happy to tell you it does. Season 2 starts to really paint the picture of the larger universe the Duffer Brothers want to share with us. About three months ago I rewatched Stranger Things S1 and it was even better a second time, and I have no reason to think this won’t be the same a second time around 85%.

George | Early on The Duffer Brothers spoke of how much more scary Season 2 would be and I’m not so sure it was. I feel like it had more of a monster movie feel than season 1 but I feel like because we didn't know the rules of the game, the first season was creepier. That said, the kids are a year older and I think the show has grown with them going into darker areas than we've seen before. I really enjoyed this season: it expanded the areas that worked and added in new elements all the while telling an interesting story. I suppose my criticism is that it didn't feel like it took any chances. I hope future seasons have more surprises 80%.

Logan | This season was way darker than season 1 with a lot more physical menace in the shape of the demi-dogs. I thought Eleven’s little trip into the city to meet her sister was a bit unnecessary and didn’t add anything to the series except giving Eleven the ability to get a double nose bleed. Overall I enjoyed it 75%.


Predictions for Season 3

Dan | Hopper is revealed as Eleven’s real father! And Steve Harrington becomes a deputy cop working for Hopper. It’s all coming up Hopper.

George | Dart makes some kind of return, one of the main cast dies, Billy is an even bigger arse, more kids with numbers on their wrists, Hopper and Joyce get closer, fun times while El/Jane gets used to highschool, more D&D references.

Logan | Eleven’s sister comes back into the mix when they start to look for her papa. Also, anybody wonder about that demi-dog they stuffed into Joyce’s fridge for safe-keeping...they like it cold.



Lead author: @WestwaterLogan

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