Thor Ragnarok - NG Reacts

Thor Ragnarok - NG Reacts

Three mere mortals from the NG Editorial team reflect on one of the most fun superhero movies on the year - Thor Ragnarok. Except maybe Spider-Man. Though let's not displease the God of Thunder...

Most memorable scene

Logan | I’ll start at the start with Thor battling Surtur to Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song - what a way to start a movie! The Hulk suplexing Fenris the giant wolf also stands out for some bizarre reason...and also Hulk in the hot-tub.

Daniel | Anything that starred Korg. In a world where just about every great scene is ruined by trailers and YouTube videos, Korg was a hilarious surprise that really brings that kiwi charm/cringe to life. “Get out of here you stupid ghost”.

Samara | ‘Good luck, new Doug’ – Taika playing Korg was totally my fav. That white trash Kiwi accent is a masterpiece and I loved hearing every second of it.


How’d Taika go?

Logan | He knocked it out of the park and did a great job of getting some kiwi accents, humour and actors into the mix. How about Korg? a blue alien made of rocks who sounds like he grew up in Tokoroa! This film doesn’t take itself too seriously but still delivers the goods in terms of pace and intensity.

Daniel | Taika Waititi is my New Zealand comedy spirit animal. And he absolutely nailed this movie! Thor has always been a take-it-or-leave-it superhero for me who often works better as a supporting Avenger. Though today, Taika made me care a little bit more about Thor. Good one Taika.

Samara | To be honest, I’ve had a bit of a crush on Taika, ever since I saw him on my insta feed wearing those hawaiian rompers. In terms of actually directing Thor – I thought he walked a very shaky tightrope between being funny and being cringeworthy. 99% of the time I loved it, 1% of the time I had an eye shut in pain.


Not that comic book movies are genuinely Oscar worthy films, but if Ragnarok were to win an Oscar, who would it go to?

Logan | I couldn’t go past Chris Hemsworth as Thor - a great mix of slapstick comedy, action and hilarious one-liners. Cate Blanchett was a close second with her menacing portrayal of Hela, Thor and Loki’s long lost sister.

Daniel | Definitely Cate Blanchett as Hela. Cate embraces the persona of a Marvel supervillain with so much poise and grace that it makes the villains in (let’s say a DC movie) look like community theatre actors ‘giving it a go’ in between their day jobs as accountants and economists. As well as being an acting powerhouse she is equally as mesmerizing delivering those all so important villainous monologues as she is taking to the battlefield to reign terror over the people of Asgard.

Samara | Taika – for directing the best Marvel movie we’ve seen since the original Guardians of the Galaxy and for playing the best character pricelessly on screen.


How does Ragnarok rate in comparison to the wider Marvel cinematic universe?

Logan | Probably the most comedic film from Marvel thus far, Thor Ragnorak is a great counterpoint and is probably more accessible to a wider audience than say the likes of the X-men films which take themselves a lot more seriously e.g. Logan (which I thoroughly enjoyed BTW).

Daniel | It’s got a great Guardians of the Galaxy type vibe. When I think back to the first Captain America movies, there’s clearly been a shift to the more fun side of comic book stories for the big screen. I’ve said it on before and I’ll say it again. Marvel knows how to execute a strategic vision. This movie perfectly fits into the wider MCU while progressing us closer to the giant crossover that’s coming our way in Infinity Wars.

Samara | I enjoyed it. I’m getting a bit bored with the cliche Marvel movies. I mean I will 100% still watch every single one that comes out, but I’ll probably be perpetually disappointed. This one reminded me of the humour that came from the GOTG – action packed, funny and full of unexpected loveable characters.

You should see this movie if you like…

Logan | A big dose of comedy, an epic soundtrack and fight scenes that use M16’s, axes and laser cannons.

Daniel | Counter question; do you enjoy the humor of Flight of the Conchords, What we do in the Shadows, Boy, Hunt for the Wilder People? Yes. This is for you. Do you enjoy a ‘bitch’n’ soundtrack? Yes. This is for you. Do you enjoy your comic book movies on the more fun side of the spectrum? Yes. This is for you. Are you depressed thinking about the new Justice League movie. Yes. This is for you!

Samara | Guardians of the Galaxy


Overall thoughts?

Logan | I’d give it 90%. Best movie in this genre I’ve seen in a long time.

Daniel | While I loved Thor: Ragnarok and enjoyed the movie from start to finish. I’m a little fatigued of the Thor vs Loki story. Thankfully that’s only a small component of the overall film. It’s a solid 85% rating from me. And any movie that gives you a good old fashioned belly laugh has got to be good for the soul.

Samara | I’d give it a solid 85% – I laughed, I cringed, I await the next Taika special with open arms.


Lead author: @WestwaterLogan

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