The Walking Dead – New Best Friends | Review

S07E10 - New Best Friends

I'm keeping my cards close to my chest with this review of The Walking Dead's 'New Best Friends episode' as I don't want to give any details away about my final thoughts too soon...

This review is going to be 100% rant -brace yourself.

You know that saying 'I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed'? Well tonight I'm both. This episode was a flaming garbage heap of poo driven by Donald Trump into a fake news stand down at the Dakota Pipeline! 

Who the hell are these Garbage Pail Kids. Why are they dressed like complete emo-mongols? Why are they speaking a language about one level above an emoji? Why would they push the one person that can actually help them into a disease-ridden tetanus trap? Why the hell would Rick want these people's help with The Saviors? Sure the leader of the Garbage Pail Kids has a fringe to give anyone night terrors, but this group of weirdos seems absolutely useless. WHY!

I would sooner take my chances with Father Gabriel and Eugene than owe anything to this new group of survivors who've basically got by over the last few years by stealing from out of the shadows. Even that statement gives them more credit than they actually deserve.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love The Walking Dead. And it's because I love it that I have to be so hard on it. I mean seriously, we're literally dealing with a new group that can barely string a sentence together. And meanwhile some knob-head decides to slash the special effects budget on anything except zombie prosthetic's, because that green-screen image of the trash palace was maybe the worst effects I've seen in a long time. I'm pretty sure a better job could have been done in Microsoft Paint (queue Damien Le Breton troll).

Also remember last season when I said Tara will have to reveal the Ocean Hags. Well that's fucking happening now as well.

Not to mention Rick is probably going to die from a tetanus infection...

Rant fucking over. 

Look, I just cant. Walking Dead - Get it to-god-damn-gether!

Excuse me Ma'am, have you found Jesus in your life? Not Hilltop Jesus, the other one!

Excuse me Ma'am, have you found Jesus in your life? Not Hilltop Jesus, the other one!

Next week on The Walking Dead | Hostiles and Calamities

This episode was a complete bust. The story was lacklustre and there were some very questionable green-screen effects overlooking trash palace. 

[+] Ravens 

  • The Daryl & Carol reunion - Dem feels!
  • Good-guy Daryl protects Carol from the truth about The Saviors (for now).
  • Daryl's got a new crossbow.
  • Winston the trash zombie.

[-] Ravens

  • Everything about the Garbage Pail Kids - the way the looked, the way they spoke, the way they conducted themselves. What the hell is going on! 
  • Those green-screen effects of trash palace.
  • The story feels like it's diverging instead of converging (yes, I just used a double diamond reference).


Author: @daniel_whiting

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