The Walking Dead - Hostiles and Calamities | Review

The Walking Dead - Hostiles and Calamities | Review

S07E11 – Hostiles and Calamities

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead: Hostiles and Calamities was a marked improvement over the previous week’s burning garbage truck of chaos! But was it enough to ramp up some excitement for the second half of this season? Probably not.


I think there’s a better way to enjoy The Walking Dead, as the current way really isn't working.

Probably the best way to watch The Walking Dead, or in fact any television show these days is on your own schedule, at your own pace and in the quantity you desire. I would hazard-a-guess that someone watching the complete second half of this season over a weekend or a couple of nights would find these 'mini-stories' quite informative and necessary to wrap-up loose ends. For the viewer who drip feeds themselves 45 – 55 minutes of Walking Dead a week, it really leaves you wanting more, or even worse, a little disappointed. Maybe it’s time for that traditional television model to evolve to the Netflix model?

I don’t know if this is possible in the golden age of the internet, but it’s already got me thinking that for Season 8 of The Walking Dead I’m going to save it all up. I might even try and do the same for Game of Thrones! But lets be honest I probably won’t be able to (but the intent is there.) I’ll no doubt be back complaining about the same things next season. FML.

Anyway, enough moaning about my viewing needs...

So a couple of interesting things played out last night in our episode focused on the aftermath of Daryl escaping from The Saviors and Negan returning from Alexandria.

Firstly, we got to see the human side of Dwight (again). Clearly it was Dwight’s former wife (Negan’s current wife) Sherry who helped Daryl escape but Dwight’s loyalty to Sherry saw him protect her right to the end. H even sacrificed the compound’s Doctor to add believability to his story about her demise.

I actually quite enjoy seeing this more human side to Dwight, but The Walking Dead writers have done this to us before; they show us who Dwight is as a person and then they show him being a complete tool. I guess, that’s the reality of life under Negan. It's it’s hard to have your emotions toyed with all the time! I never know whether to empathise with the guy or look forward to the day that him and Daryl finally face off. Unfortunately that’s probably going to be a race between Negan finding out that Sherry is still alive and then killing Dwight, or Daryl and Dwight actually getting to face off in the upcoming war (which I think is my preferred show down, especially as there is some unresolved beef’s regarding crossbows, motorbikes and angel wing jackets).


We also got to see Negan try a new tactic with his latest prisoner / employee, Eugene (aka Haircut – which is a fantastic nickname). Negan opted for the good-cop routine and it seemed to work perfectly with the weak minded Eugene. It would have never worked with Daryl but for someone like Eugene it was perfect. The big question is though, is Eugene actually now on team Negan or is he pulling a 'Carol' and putting-on the persona that people want to see. I actually really enjoyed the Eugene scenes. He’s not a character I overly care about but his one-liners and sense of self-preservation is quite entertaining.  I also appreciated the little nods back to previous episodes e.g. Eugene’s stereo playing Easy Street or Eugene referring to one of Negan’s wives as Red, which is what he referred to Abraham as.


The third and final thing which was contextually interesting in this week's episode was the notion that Negan’s wives, or anyone for that matter, might actually want to kill Negan themselves although it was never going to play out in this manner. It's good to see the threat can come from anywhere and it only makes sense that if you rule by fear then you make yourself a target. 


So all-in-all, an enjoyable episode with nothing to write home about. In fact the episode could probably be summed up around the water cooler as: Negan lost a wife and a real doctor, but gained +1 fake Doctor who does science tricks.

Next week on The Walking Dead

Rick, Michonne, Rosita and Carnival - Forecast... Cloudy with possible sunshine. Prepare for a blizzard of sharks just in case.

Hostiles and Calamities was a marked improvement from last weeks episode. And it was great to see what was happening back at The Saviors home base.

[+] Ravens 

  • You can't help but love Eugene / Haircut.
  • Eugene's date night with Negan's wives.
  • Eugene's commitment to being Negan mid Negan speech.
  • Exploring Dwight's character to a deeper level (again) 
  • Finally some Negan! 

[-] Ravens

  • An interesting and mostly enjoyable episode but story-wise things aren't exactly going anywhere fast. 
  • Negan seemed to believe/forgive Dwight very quickly - It doesn't quite align with his personality. 


Author: @daniel_whiting

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