Lego + Batman + Collect them all = Triggered

Lego + Batman + Collect them all = Triggered

LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO Batman Movie (71017)


This is the internal dialogue that played out in my head as soon as I saw Lego's latest minifigure range:

How dare you Lego! How dare you?

Firstly, you know that I'm a long time Lego fan.

Secondly, you know that I love the Bat! 

Thirdly, why did you have to make them look so adorable! 

Then you go ahead and combine these things into blind-bagged collectibles. Take my god-damn money right now you bastards. Consider my OCD desire to own all 20 of these minifigures triggered!

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Breakdown

Here is a full list of characters in the LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures Series. 

  1. Lobster-Lovin’ Batman
  2. Glam Metal Batman
  3. Fairy Batman
  4. Clan of the Cave Batman
  5. Vacation Batman
  6. Barbara Gordon
  7. Commissioner Gordon
  8. Arkham Asylum Joker
  9. Dick Grayson
  10. Pink Power Batgirl
  11. Red Hood
  12. Eraser
  13. Nurse Harley Quinn
  14. Orca
  15. Zodiac Master
  16. Catman
  17. March Harriet
  18. Calculator
  19. King Tut
  20. Mime

Personal favourites for me include - Lobster-Lovin' Batman, Vacation Batman, Dick Grayson (with the Shark Repellent) and Red Hood. This is a really great way to also bring to life some of the lesser know Batman universe villians. Great job Lego!

Completing your collection


OK so they've got me. Maybe they've got you as well? If you're going to join me on this money wasting ridiculous quest to own something awesome we're going to have to be smart about it.

These figures come blind bagged. Meaning you can't see what one you're buying each time. Thankfully though the Brothers Brick have created a great "feel guide" to help you find that elusive figure to complete your collection!

For example if you're trying to track down Glam Metal Batman, feeling our his shoulder pads is pretty easy. You just have to fight off the other kids trying to do the same thing. 

The LEGO Batman Movie 

So what are all these figures in aid of? A new Lego Batman movie of course!

The Lego Batman Movie officially launches in New Zealand on the 16 February 2017. Be sure to check back here for your official Night Gathers review and discussion post launch. If it's anything like the Lego Movie from 2015 we're probably going to be in for a real treat!


Author: @daniel_whiting

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