Logan | Review

Logan | Review

I went into Logan a little blind. I’d intentionally only watched the trailer once, which was maybe a year ago, and done my best to avoid any spoilers or reviews online. It was nearly impossible though to not hear this movie was fantastic before heading in - which is always a slightly un-nerving feeling, especially when you want the best but don’t actually know if your views of ‘fantastic’ will line-up with anyone else's.

The great news for me, was that this movie’s fantastic! If you haven’t been to see it yet then stop reading this right now. This film is a real journey, and the less that’s ruined for you before you see it, the better.


Logan really is the love letter to Wolverine and X-Men films that you’ve wanted to see since you were a child watching X-Men cartoons, but never landed in the movies to-date. I know that might be a confronting statement for some X-Men movie fans, but you’ve gotta be realistic that if you’ve got adamantium claws, occasionally you’re going to chop a few limbs off and things are also going to get a little dark.

I think what I loved most about Logan was the size and scale of the story. It felt nicely packaged and isolated from large scale battles that often become the centerpiece for superhero films these days. This wasn’t about aliens attacking New York and destroying every landmark possible. This is a story of a couple of old heroes living out their final days in a world that no longer wants them or accepts them.

It had a couple of main heroes, being Wolverine and Professor Xavier and I’m sure everyone’s new favourite Wolverine X-23.

This film pulls-no-punches either. X-23 may be a young girl, but she’s as angry as Logan and probably more deadly. Going into the film I didn’t actually give any consideration to there being another Wolverine option, and when X-23 popped her claws I genuinely sat up straight in my chair and watched on with excitement!


Then you have Hugh Jackman himself - love him or hate him as Wolverine, the man is dedicated. He’s been playing the character for the best part of 20 years, through the up’s and down’s, the good times and the bad. Wolverine isn’t just a character you decide to play, it’s a commitment. It’s getting up at 5am every day and going to the gym, it’s raw eggs and protein. It’s a transformational role that Hugh deserves a lot of praise for. Especially when you compare it to the Hollywood Superheroes of today who have one mediocre outing and consider hanging up the cowl. Yes, Ben Affleck, I’m looking at you. Stick it out man! We believe in you.

Some of the moments where Logan is broken, unable to heal and experiencing ‘family’ are really touching. It’s truly amazing to watch a character stabbing faces with adamantium claws one minute and then bringing Oscar worthy emotional pain to the screen the next.

If was going to criticise Logan at all it would maybe be for the odd pacing. Logan is a longer-than-normal superhero movie at almost 2.5 hours, and the pacing generally follows the rule of: get to destination, bad guys catch-up, fight, move to next destination… wash and repeat until someone wins. Thankfully though this is largely mitigated by lots of fantastic character scenes and action sequences that keep the audience entertained.

I really can’t speak highly enough of this movie and I for one can’t wait to own copy myself and watch it all over again.

More X-23 Please

I want X-23 to be our new Wolverine. As much as I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and his dedication to the character, I’m ready for change. Make X-Men great again. I’m ready for a new face to pick up the mantle, and I think X-23 is just the girl for the job.

We know just enough about her that we don’t need much more back-story. We have the option of picking up from where the film left off, or potentially starting a new X-Men group. Or we could jump forward another 10 - 15 years and have the badass X-23 from the comics!  What a time to be alive!


This is the Wolverine movie you wanted all your life but didn’t know was possible.

[+] Ravens 

  • The best Wolverine movie ever made.
  • Hugh Jackman gives it his all in one what's pegged as his final outing as Logan/Wolverine.
  • X-23 Is like Stranger Thing's Eleven combined with adamantium and a large helping of anger. And I loved it!
  • The R rated level of violence that can't exist in an X-Men film but can exist when Logan is on his own. Slowed time plus an angry Wolverine is terrifying and fantastic.
  • The potential to take this universe in a new direction or just leave it there. I love that option.
  • Patrick Stewarts Professor X, brilliant as always.
  • Genuinely heartfelt scenes throughout the movie.

[-] Ravens

  • The younger clone version of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine probably wasn't really needed - I feel like in every X-Men/Wolverine movie there is a weird need to give a villain adamantium claws as well.
  • The movie pacing feels a little up and down at times, and it's maybe a smidge long. But this is really nit-picking.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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