Walking Dead - Bury Me Here | Review

Walking Dead - Bury Me Here | Review

S07E13 - Bury Me Here

Bury Me Here was highly enjoyable and it felt like the Walking Dead that I know and love from days gone by. In this episode, the last remaining steward of reason (Morgan) was broken and one of my favourite characters (Carol) was brought back from the abyss.

Bury Me Here almost has no right being as good as it was (and especially in an episode where not a lot actually happened) but at the same time felt quite rewarding to watch. Given our previous exposure to both the theatrics of the Kingdom and hap-hazard storytelling The Walking Dead likes to shove down our throat on a weekly basis, this episode managed to reset the direction of individual characters, connect storylines and more importantly create unity with Rick and Alexandria, even though they were nowhere to be seen. This is no small feat for a show that appears to struggle with all of these components individually.

I think a lot of the kudos should be credited to Lennie James (Morgan) and his fantastic performance of a broken man who's trying to see the best in everyone in a world gone wrong. We don’t see a lot of Morgan, but when we do he’s able to show a character depth that not a lot of the other characters can.


Before we get into the big questions from this episode, let’s recap briefly what happened. The episode was set entirely around The Kingdom and Richard’s attempt to get Ezekiel on board with taking the fight to The Saviors. Earlier, Richard had tried to make Carol the scape-goat that would trigger Ezekiel to action but after that plan was foiled by Daryl, Richard knew he had to be the one to die. Unfortunately that plan didn’t quite come to fruition either, and the young steward and friend to both Ezekiel and Morgan takes a bullet (or two) from The Saviours and ultimately dies.

A devastated Richard explains what happened and his plan to be the sacrifice to Morgan, who then in-turn ends up killing him in front of The Saviours. Which (A) demonstrates to The Savior's that The Kingdom can manage it’s own problems and won’t be a hassle again and (B) Forces Ezekiel to reconsider his view on not joining the war against The Saviors. 


The question is, did Morgan kill Richard purely for retribution (for Benjamin’s death), or did he do it knowing that The Saviors needed to believe The Kingdom was staying loyal, thus helping Rick’s war effort? I think deep-down it’s the latter but in doing so he’s effectively even more broken than he previously was. Killing has always been a last resort for Morgan, even though he has to do it in every season.

As Morgan leaves the Kingdom, deciding he doesn’t want a part of this world anymore, he effectively swaps places with Carol to take some much needed time out. As the episode ends we see Morgan sharpening his staff into a spear, which makes me think he’s maybe the most volatile and high risk character to both Negan and Rick at this stage. He might not pop-up again for several seasons, or he might pop up when we least expect it in the next episode or two. Either way - he’s like Michael Douglas in Falling Down and he’s had enough!

Meanwhile, all of this stuff is happening with The Kingdom, Morgan and The Saviours and we’re slowing getting Carol back. I had kind of written-her-off but finding out the truth about what happened to Glenn and Abraham, and the rule that Alexandria is living under, proved too much for Carol. She’s back, she’s angry, and I for-one can’t wait for Rick to see that’s she’s ok and back at his side! #TeamCarol


Death Predictions

As we are approaching the finale episode in season 7 (just three to go),  I thought I might start introducing some predictions around who’s going to die at the end of this season. I’ll update it over the next couple of episodes as new information comes to light. Rather than mention every character I’ll just call out the characters who might only have three episodes to live:

  • Rosita | 90% (It’s either Sasha or Rosita at this point, I would prefer it’s Rosita, she’s had a ton of screen time has been walking around with a dark cloud over her head all season)
  • Sasha | 75% (Sasha has a reason to die, being Abraham’s last girlfriend, though she’s a strong female character that I hope we don’t lose just yet)
  • Morgan | 60% (Morgan is a wild card with nothing left to lose)
  • Eugene | 50% (If Jesus hear’s Eugene on the radio giving the Saviors any intel about Alexandria, he’s a dead man walking, Rosita may take him out)
  • Michonne | 30% (That conversation with Rick re “we must carry on…” it’s so ominous, also Rick isn’t allowed happiness in his life)
  • Negan | 10% (I think the Negan story-line has a lot of life left in it. Which means Rosita or Sasha are going to get caught trying to take him out)

Next week on The Walking Dead

A highly enjoyable character-driven episode of The Walking Dead that pulls together plot lines and creates unity between three of the key factions looking to face off with The Saviors.

[+] Ravens

  • Solid storytelling that actually made me care about The Kingdom 
  • I’ve had my ups and downs with Carol over the last season but old Carol is back. She’s combat ready and carries a darkness that Rick needs at his side. #TeamCarol
  • Morgan either willingly or unwillingly helps Ezekiel and The Kingdom make a tough decision about joining up with Rick to take on The Saviors
  • We got to experience The Kingdom without the theatrics, a far more enjoyable experience

[-] Ravens

  • I have some self doubt that this episode is truly a 8/10 because my expectations are so low now that I’m easily impressed
  • We gain Carol but loose Morgan (maybe) and Richard. I hope Carols ready for what she’s returning for as I don’t think I can take another Carol breakdown.
  • Stop with the CGI. The tiger wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the deer, but it’s still very clearly a CGI tiger. We know Ezekiel has a tiger, we don’t need to see it every episode. Spend the money on the big scenes or when it’s important.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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