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The Other Side | S07E14

Serious question, asking for a friend – is this a scene from the writers room of The Walking Dead or a scene from this weeks episode?  

Inside the 'Writers Room' on The Walking Dead

Inside the 'Writers Room' on The Walking Dead

I feel like 'The Other Side' is the perfect example of a Walking Dead episode that should only ever be consumed with another episode. Because watching it on it's own will probably leave you flat and questioning where your life is heading. Sure some stuff happened, but not really enough to justify a whole episode at this late point in the season. 

Let's recap what actually happened:

Firstly, Jesus tells Maggie he's gay (edgy) and literally no one gives a ****. It was great to see Maggie again, I forgot what a great character she is. We also got to see the Hilltop practice knife throwing in what felt like a 1980's movie montage of some 'nerds' getting stronger while a power ballad plays in the background.

We got that much needed closure between Maggie and Daryl. We all know it's Daryl's fault that Glenn is dead. And now we know that Maggie doesn't blame Daryl. Whew, I can rest easy that Maggie and Daryl are still friends.

The Saviors visited Hilltop to let Gregory know that Simon prefers Tequila over Gin. Terrible choice if you ask me.

I like Tequila now! 

I like Tequila now! 

Sasha and Rosita decided to officially try and take out Negan with their sweet map of The Saviors compound. Thankfully Jesus remembered the three rectangle shapes that make up the base.


Sasha and Rosita wasted a whole water bottle full of petrol to blow up a car to create a distraction that wasn't actually needed.

Sasha and Rosita attempted to save Eugene, who doesn't actually want to be saved because he's finally getting the respect he feels he deserves. Even though he carries around a knitted sloth in his pocket (adorable).

And Sasha, decides she knows enough about The Saviors to take them out her by herself. Because for the last 15 episodes we've deeply explored the volatile nature of Sasha's persona.

Seriously, this episode has left me with a giant case of... Why?

  • Why didn't Maggie and Daryl also escape through the tunnel when The Saviors arrived? It seemed pretty careless not to extract themselves from that situation.
  • Why was Daryl so slow to hide, he's still walking away when the Saviors pulled through the gate! 
  • Why was Enid wearing a giant knife in-front of The Saviors? Of course that's getting taxed.
  • Why don't Sasha and Rosita know how to run a stakeout? They spent more time sitting on the ground talking than keeping an eye out for Negan? 
  • Why is that building that Sasha and Rosita were in not protected or used by The Saviors? It makes zero sense that's an unprotected vantage point.
  • Why did Sasha 'sacrifice' herself to basically get caught by The Saviors? That seemed so unnecessary? 
  • Why would Sasha and Rosita be so arrogant to think that they should start the war with Negan? Rick and everyone else back home aren't ready. Selfish. Fake news.

I think we should all start preparing ourselves for what's probably going to be a disappointing end to Season 7 of The Walking Dead. On that note, here's what disappointment you can look forward to next week:

The Other Side - A story of not to much. 

[+] Ravens

  • Daryl / Maggie's closure – even though I jest, I did appreciate the wrap up (15 episodes later)
  • Stephen Ogg’s performance as Negan’s number two – the man is a comic genius.
  • Eugene’s walkie-talkie speech about being a Negan. Brilliant. 

[-] Ravens

  • I'm really sick of Rosita’s bottom lip. We get that's she's angry, that Abraham broke up with her, that Abraham's dead, that Negan's still alive. We get it. 
  • Sasha and Rosita waiting for Negan was the most lamest attempt at trying to do anything ever. Someone keep a god-dam-look-out!
  • Sasha’s suicide mission. Why? Why did that need to happen like that? I don't think Sasha's character is that naive or stupid.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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