The Walking Dead - Something they need | Review

The Walking Dead - Something they need | Review

The Walking Dead - Something They Need | S07E15

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, mowed through story lines and loose-ends like Rick and Michonne driving through zombies with a cable between their cars i.e. it was fast and effective. And, more importantly, a great watch that finally reminded me why I love The Walking Dead (yet again).

This episode was titled ‘Something They Need’ and effectively brought several story lines together in a final push towards connecting and arming our communities for the conflict that’s about to erupt in the final episode of the season.

While overall I enjoyed this episode, it’s actually a good lesson in ‘being careful what you wish for’. You can have one big character-driven episode and get annoyed it’s too long between seeing the other characters, or you can have ‘a little bit’ of every story and feel like you don’t get enough time with the characters you care about. Thankfully ‘Something They Need’ actually struck a pretty good balance and seemed to hit the sweet-spot.

Anyway, enough jibba-jabba, let’s get into what actually happened across The Walking Dead universe this week.

The Saviors 

Sasha has been officially captured by The Saviors and effectively given the choice; ‘join us or die’. And to be really subjective about it, what Negan has to offer isn’t exactly terrible. Sure he’s got some rules, but from a fundamental level, both Rick and Negan are two sides of the same coin. They’re both trying to create something in the chaos and both believe that rules are needed to exist. Rick has been just as quick to hand out punishments to people in Alexandria as Negan has been e.g. the guy that was beating his wife met a bloody end... 


We also got to see Negan at his finest; when he’s playing the role of the anti-hero. He really came to Sasha’s aid when she was under threat of rape. The “I do not accept your apology” is the perfect GIF to be used from this moment forward in all internet arguments. It was expected, unexpected and classic all at once.

What is a little hard-to-stomach still is Sasha’s desire to die (mostly because I don’t think she should be in the position she’s in). There was no need for her to run in and get herself captured. If you’re really going to go out in a blaze of glory you need to think how you’re going to ‘take yourself out’ in the process...which I guess then brings me to Eugene, and his role in (maybe) helping her take her own life .

I have a really love/hate relationship with Eugene. He’s hilarious but he’s also so self-centered it’s really frustrating to watch, and made even more frustrating by the fact that he admits his own weakness, thus creating an empathy with me where I actually feel sorry for him. Damn it Eugene, can you just back the winning horse? At this point I think Rick and Co. are well within their rights to treat him as an enemy combatant. 

Despite all the shenanigans going on with The Saviors, Sasha being a prisoner, Negan handing out ‘justice’ and Eugene helping Sasha with an option to take her own life, the big question from the episode is - who is Negan’s little bird who told him about the upcoming attack? I’ve got some thoughts on likely contenders:

  • Option 1 - Eugene | I don’t think it’s Eugene, he doesn’t know enough about the plans in motion with the wider communities. He also wasn't there when Rick decided to stand up to The Saviors. 
  • Option 2 - Jadis | Yes, that mong from the junkyard. Probably a pretty high chance. We know nothing about these people and they’re completely out for themselves. It would be an easy alliance to make with Negan if they had never met him previously.
  • Option 3 - Gregory | The leader of Hilltop, he doesn’t agree with Maggie and Rick’s plans for a shared and safe community. The writers already play loose and wild with the timeline so there’s no reason last night's events couldn’t be slightly out of sync with the actual timeline that we’re seeing.
  • Option 4 - Enid | Yes, Carl’s ‘It’s complicated’ girlfriend. This is a bit more of a long shot but I remember her being referred to as a ‘little bird’ at one point. She also comes and goes a lot on her own. Sleeper agent for The Savior's perhaps? Long-shot I know, but I like a good wild card option.
  • Option 5 - Dwight | Perhaps Dwight is also a double agent? Maybe he got all the intel he needs form Rosita and left a secret message for The Savior's before being taken back to Alexandria. Again, this feels like a long shot but pretty much anything goes at this late point in the season.


I was almost dreading going back to Oceanside and mostly because I couldn’t be bothered with another community that didn’t want to help and the uphill slog of dialogue about ‘working together’. We have enough of those characters and stories in-play that doing it again felt like a real chore. Obviously Rick Grimes was feeling the same way, because he went in ‘weapons hot’ for the first sign of trouble.


I really have to really commend The Walking Dead writers here. They played out just enough of that Oceanside story that made me (A) care about them as a community slightly more than I originally did  (B) made me think about the impacts of having all your weapons taken away (C) demonstrated that there’s some strong fighters in the Oceanside Community and (D) made Tara not look like a jerk for telling Rick about the guns, plus letting her serve out the Oceanside people who tried to kill her several episodes ago. 

All-in-all it was pretty quick and painless. And now Rick has ALL THE GUNS.

Death predictions for the final episode

It’s the final episode and at least one or two people have to go, right? I by no means think this battle is going to be wrapped up this season, so to keep both sides fuelled I think one or two of the following people may not be back for season eight:

  • Sasha - I don’t really see a clean way out for Sasha, plus she’s likely to take her own life before she can actually be saved and used as an asset for Negan.
  • Gregory - He’s a coward who's served his purpose.
  • Dwight - Either by Daryl's hand or Negan. I’m not sure who wants it more.
  • Maybe Ezekiel’s tiger (just because it’s probably a real hassle to animate)

Preview trailer for episode 16!

Let’s just be clear, when Negan puts the red scarf on it means business.

The penultimate episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead finally brought together some key story elements to get us ready for the fallout of Hilltop, Alexandria and The Kingdom standing up to Negan and The Saviors.

[+] Ravens 

  • The story finally feels in-sync, I wish it felt this way five episodes ago, but never-the-less we got there in the end
  • Barnacle zombies
  • Negan does not accept your apology
  • I finally like Tara as a character - Yay me!
  • Mad Daryl - It was for a brief moment, but retribution is-a-coming.
  • Dwight’s face scar seems to be healing… umm

[-] Ravens

  • Sasha’s desire to die - I still feel like that could have played out very differently, it’s frustrating to see her in a predicament that didn’t need to exist.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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