The Walking Dead - Say Yes | Review

The Walking Dead - Say Yes | Review

This should have been a pretty solid episode with two fan favourites, Rick and Michonne. Due to a series of unfortunate incidents this sadly went all ‘Lemony Snicket’ and turned an OK episode into another frustrating, rant inducing coma of hate.

Honestly, it’ getting harder and harder to write these reviews. I don’t like being negative and I don’t like writing negative content. And worse yet, I don’t like to swear in these reviews unless I’m truly lost for words. Yet, here I am again.

O.K. Let’s start with the positives. The episode was titled ‘Say Yes’ but I think a more apt title would've been ‘Loot-n-Root’ given Rick and Michonne's penchant to find some stuff, get funky, find some stuff, get funky...

Aka the "Loot-n-Root"

Aka the "Loot-n-Root"

In ‘Say Yes’ we followed Rick and Michonne as they scavenged the wasteland for guns, supplies and offerings for both the Trash Mongols, The Saviours and themselves.

The episode actually had a slightly old-school Walking Dead feel about it at first; the hunt for supplies, the ever increasing danger and the great risk/great reward factor. You can really see how far Rick and Michonne have come, not only as a couple, but as apocalypse survivalists. Some of the situations they got themselves into last night they quickly adapted to and used to their advantage. They moved through packs of Walkers with speed and grace and if that same carnival scene had happened a few seasons ago someone probably would have died or at least lost a limb.


We also had a great moment between Rick and Michonne where Rick said “we’re going to lose people, but it’s not about us anymore. We have to keep moving forward. It’s about the greater good”. It was deep, it was meaningful and it made me concerned for Michonne’s life. She might not make it through the war with the Saviors...

I also appreciated Rick’s desire to stay in the field looking for supplies. You really got a sense that Rick is in a honeymoon period with Michonne. He didn’t want it to end, because ending it meant getting down to business and progressing the upcoming war.

So, if the episode was just this stuff it would easily be 4 out of 5 ravens for me, but unfortunately, much like a dank meme, too much salt was added to this episode which turned something that was pretty good into rubbish that left a horrible aftertaste.

Just add salt, Bae. 

Just add salt, Bae. 

Activating furious rant mode…3, 2, 1…

1 | Your audience isn't retarded!

We don't need Rick to say “we need batteries” and then have Rick stumble across a box in the back of a truck labelled ‘batteries’. This isn’t season one of The Walking Dead, we get how it all works. It was insulting and lame.

Speaking of treating the audience like a special needs kid, we also don't need Tara to provide her inner monologue to baby Judith. We all fucking know what's going on with Oceanside. We all know that Rick will kill everyone of those hags if he has to. Again, we’re seven seasons in and we know how the main characters function. The constant look of inner turmoil on Tara’s face is enough. Believe in your actors.

2 | Have some god-damn respect for yourself, your show and your actors!

That fake deer in the carnival was maybe the worst piece of CGI garbage I have ever seen. It's 2017, we have the computing power. Or better yet, we have the quality controls to stop this type of garbage making it to the mass market. Look, I appreciate you were trying to show a sweet moment between Rick and Michonne, but if you don’t possess the abilities to create a CGI deer then don’t fucking do it.

Combined with that, you then want to try and show another heart-warming moment of Michonne thinking Rick's dead (even though he’s unkillable at this stage of the story), where Michonne’s literally acting her guts out in what could have been a great scene? Again, no one can stomach it because we’ve just been forced to look at a poorly animated, slightly transparent, definitely proportionally skewed deer. Even the Walkers wouldn’t eat something that rotten.

How that made it through to the final episode blows my mind.


3 | Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Just when I get over the terror that was the CGI deer and being treated like a brain dead audience member, I’m forced into seeing another interaction with the Trash Mongols. I refuse to learn their proper names.

Why does that stupid haircut woman talk with pidgin english?! If she was foreign, sure, but it literally makes no sense. It’s rage-inducing.

Combined with the fact that there is literally no reason why Rick should work with these people, why should he get them guns? They haven’t even proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn’t even rely on them in the battlefield. In fact, I think it’s a disadvantage to be associated to them. Negan is going to destroy the main bad haircut woman if they ever have an interaction.

I honestly don’t even know why this weird group of people is in The Walking Dead. They’re doing more damage to the show’s reputation than they are doing good.

Closing thoughts

In summary this episode was 60% not bad, and 40% so bad that I don't care about the other 60% anymore. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think this show needs to be binge watched because drip-fed content is horrendous, weak and poorly received. As a Walking Dead fan I’m seriously concerned about where this show is heading.

What did you think? Love it, hate it or disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Next week on The Walking Dead

Yeah, nah bro.

[+] Ravens

  • Exploring Rick & Michonne’s relationship
  • The evolution of Rick & Michonne as survivalists
  • Rick and Michonne having a Legolas / Gimli kill count battle

[-] Ravens

  • The babying of audience members with simplistic plot points
  • Everything to do with the Trash Mongols
  • The terrible CGI deer, on top of previous terrible CGI effects
  • I’m tired of grumpy Rosita. She's probably top of the list for not making it to season eight


Author: @daniel_whiting

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