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If you haven’t yet seen this movie, stop reading and go and watch it right now. Seriously, I’ve been to see this movie twice and I honestly think I have to go back to 2012’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to find a superhero movie as strong as this film. And whilst there will probably be some Avengers/Guardians fans who may disagree with this point, one thing is for sure: this movie is right up there.


My knowledge of Wonder Woman prior to watching this movie was limited to the odd episode of the classic Lynda Carter series, a few comics and the ‘Dawn of Justice’ movie. I had no idea she was raised on a remote “paradise island” and trained to be a powerful warrior with god-like power. In fact, there are quite a few layers to this movie as it somehow manages to tie together a superhero movie, a period piece, a bit of romance, an origin-story, some comedy and a lot of action all within the setting of World War I. No mean feat.


Wonder Woman provides some pretty powerful storytelling that focuses on hope and humanity, which represents a significant shift in direction to what DC offered us with 2016’s disappointing ‘Suicide Squad’. I can only hope that this continues in ‘Justice League’ which comes out in November this year.

The driving force behind this new focus is the character of Wonder Woman herself, Diana Prince. NightGathers’ very own Mr Special Features summed it up perfectly when he said that, above all, this movie got her character right. True to her roots, Diana is a no-nonsense, serious individual with a strong sense of justice and morality. And her character plays perfectly alongside the US Army captain Steve Trevor, portrayed by the always excellent Chris Pine. His character is great and I think Pine struck the perfect balance of charm, strength and (Kirk-ish) humour.

Key to the movie of course is Gal Gadot who truly delivers an exceptional performance. She rocks the famous WW costume and has a photogenic quality that lights up the screen. And most importantly, she genuinely pulls off the lead role of Diana, princess of the Amazons. It’s also really refreshing to see an actress lead the line so supremely in a superhero movie, especially when you’re competing with Hollywood stars like Robert Downey-Junior, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth & co.


And with Wonder Woman, it’s not just in front of the camera that a female takes centre stage. Prior to this movie, I’d never heard of the director Patty Jenkins, but I sure know who she is now. Her movie has really resonated with me, it’s wonderfully directed and she has carved out a style of superhero movie that is distinctly her own.  In an industry dominated by male directors, and a genre that has been reluctant to hire female directors, Wonder Woman truly breaks the mould.

As an origin-movie, the film works really well too.  It gives Diana’s character such a rich backstory that it really enhance my appreciation for her stand-offish nature with Bruce Wayne in ‘Dawn of Justice’. The movie also neatly blends this origin-story in with the present-day timeline that the other three (currently-released) movies are all set within.

Wonder Woman has been on our radar ever since the comic-con trailer aired almost a year ago, and the wait has been well and truly worth it.

Wonder Woman - Official Trailer

So there we have it; the most satisfying film in the current DC cinematic universe and it’s one really worth seeing on the big screen. Wonder Woman hits the mark and without a doubt it is the best movie I’ve seen this year. In every sense it’s a real blockbuster and I’d be disappointed if it didn’t score an Oscar or two. Mark my words.

[+] Ravens

  • Brilliantly directed. Take a bow Patty Jenkins!
  • A fantastic story that makes the 2h21m running time fly by.
  • Really great on-screen chemistry between Gal Gadot & Chris Pine
  • The musical score adds real emphasis at key moments. Such a contrast to Suicide Squad’s juke-box-nightmare of a soundtrack.
  • Great support cast, with David Thewlis & Robin Wright doing really well in their roles.

[-] Ravens

  • Was it absolutely necessary for all the other women on paradise island to have an accent like Gal Gadot’s? Bit odd.
  • The final 10-15 minutes was perhaps a little overkill, although not quite on the same scale as “Doomsday” in Dawn of Justice.


Author: Paul Knauer - follow me on Twitter @ObiWanKnauer

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