Dark Legacy - An unofficial Star Wars story

Take 12 minutes out of your day right now and watch this unofficial Star Wars story by Anthony Pietromonaco. It's dark, it's gritty, it's facinating and I want more.

There are several high quality Star Wars fan films on YouTube right now. The question is, is there a place for them in the Star Wars universe? Should Hollywood start exploring some of these less common story lines?

For me, 100% without a doubt they should. I'm ready for some expanded universe stories. I want to fall in love with new characters, weapons and new planets all over again. All without being bound to the last 40 years of Star Wars history. Not that it's bad, it's fantastic. I'm just ready to explore my options.

I'm sure Paul Knauer will back me up on this one, but there is a tone of great Star Wars books out there with whole new worlds and adventures just waiting to be made into TV shows and movies!

Check out Dark Legacy and tell us what you think? What type of Star Wars movies do you want to see when the latest trilogy comes to an end? 


Author: @daniel_whiting

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